LENDSECURED Opinions 2020

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Lendsecured is a platform for investment in loans with mortgage guarantee – in the purest Estateguru style – specialized in the selection of operations with a very low LTV (and therefore, in principle, lower risk), the average of the platform being in the around 40% , probably the best score of all the companies operating in the sector.

In this review we share all our opinions about the platform as users of it… Don’t miss it!

Crowdlending with Mortgage Guarantees
16 months
50 euros
Wire transfer
NO (Mortgage guarantees)
NO (In production, expected shortly)
0.5% cashback the first 90 days if you register from our link
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ATTENTION: For the first 10 promotional projects published on the platform, get an additional 1% cashback (making a total of 1.5% if you register from our link)


LendSecured Opinions – Critical Performance Parameters

RETURN: Lend Secured offers investment opportunities in a range usually between 11% and 14% annual profitability, with the average around 13%, being in this sense slightly above the industry average, online with other platforms based on real estate guarantees.

RISK: Lendsecured is a platform specialized in loans with mortgage guarantees, which is per se a type of crowdlending that presents a series of additional guarantees compared to the typical P2P or P2B crowdlending that only has personal guarantees. In the case of Lendsecured, in addition, emphasis is placed on publishing only projects with a very low LTV (Loan To Value) -ratio that serves to measure the risk of an operation of these characteristics-, which provides an additional layer of security versus other alternatives.
TRUST: Lendsecured comes from the hand of two veteran professionals of the lending sector such as Ņikita Gončars and Edgars Tālums, and despite the relative youth of the platform, it is clear that they want to do things right from the beginning, not in vain is one one of the few marketplaces that Lemonway works with, with funds from investors segregated in BNP Paribas. In addition, all its projects have skin in the game (Lendsecured co-funding) of 5%, guaranteeing alignment of interests with us as investors and in the files of each operation you can consult all the relevant legal documents (cadastre number, valuation of the property, etc.)

DIVERSIFICATION: Being a relatively recently created platform, the number of projects to invest at our disposal in the LendSecured marketplace will be somewhat limited. Despite this, in the final months of 2020 they are launching a series of promotional projects in an effort to increase their volume and attract new investors.

LIQUIDITY: Lendsecured is a platform that at the moment does not have a secondary market or other mechanism for the anticipated sale of our shares, with which liquidity -in projects whose average duration is around 18 months- will be very limited, and will be subject to maturity of each of the operations.

lensecure opinions

Opinion LendSecured Crowdlending Review

Crowdlending based on mortgage guarantees has been revalued in recent times of crisis and pandemic, with Estateguru as a clear example of its boomLendsecured is today probably one of the most solid alternatives we have to diversify in this type of investment, with a focus on the security of published operations (presenting the best average LTV of any similar European platform) and with segregation of funds -partnership with LemonWay- from day 1 among other differential characteristics.

LendSecured Advantages – Strengths

➊ Crowd platform based on mortgage guarantees with the lowest average LTV in the market, around 40%

➋ Management team seasoned in the sector, partnership with Lemon Way and segregated funds from investors in BNP Paribas

➌ Very attractive return / risk ratio, especially in the first 10 promotional projects. Real quality alternative to industry leaders like Estateguru.

Weaknesses and Aspects to improve – Lensecured Opinions

➊ Relatively low liquidity, with most of the operations presenting horizons between 1 and 2 years and for the moment with the absence of a secondary market (currently in production, expected shortly) or an early-exit mechanism.

➋ Also, being a relatively new platform, opportunities might take some time to fund.

Lendsecured Forum

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