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Nectaro is a new European investment platform belonging to the Fintech group Dyninno and regulated with an IBF -Investment Brokerage Firm- license from the Central Bank of Latvia, that brings to the table its unique identity and personality to offer us investments in Notes with an attractive profitability and the always welcome buyback – or ‘early repayment obligation’ as defined on the platform.

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Since December 18, Nectaro has launched an exclusive Cashback Christmas campaign: [€300.00 – €1000.00]-> 1% CashBack [€1000.01 – €3000.00]-> 2% CashBack [€3000.01 and up]-> 3% CashBack What are you waiting for?

Nectaro Review – Critical Performance Parameters Opinion and Analysis – Hexastar Chart

RETURN: Nectaro’s Notes have an attractive average return of around 13%, which places it at the forefront of regulated platforms in terms of annualized performance, which is always a factor to take into account when considering in which platforms we wish to invest.

GUARANTEES: All Nectaro operations have “Early Repayment Obligation” which is the term the company uses to refer to what other platforms call “Buyback Obligation”. The premise is the same: if the borrower is late with payments for more than 60 days, the Originator will be forced to pay the investors the principal invested plus the interest owed.

DIVERSIFICATION: In Nectaro we can find loans from the EcoFinance Group, which currently has operations of its subsidiary CreditPrime on the platform, both in Romania and in Moldova (Moldovan loans will be launched at the end of January 2024). Romania is a relatively uncommon country on the usual P2P platforms, which is a small plus for diversification, but we would love to see even more countries and more originators in the future.

Did you know...?
When you invest in Notes, you are actually investing in a pool of loans, typically ranging between 5 and 15. Each loan (in the case of CreditPrime, each line of credit) is connected to a specific borrower: an individual who agrees to repay a portion of the loan and interest according to the schedule. Once the borrower fulfills his commitment, the Lending Company returns a share of the investment on his Nectaro balance. This means that he will regularly receive not only interest but also a repayment of the amount, and this happens constantly, regardless of the remaining date of the Note.

LIQUIDITY: Nectaro does not currently have a secondary market or early exit mechanism for the operations in which we invest, however, it is also noteworthy that the Notes do not have a excessively high time horizon, with the bulk being around 6 and 12 months.

FUNCTIONALITY: Despite having an intuitive interface that is very easy to use, in this section we miss the autoinvest function (although it will be available soon).

CUSTOMER SERVICE: Without still too many opinions in the different opinion aggregators, our experience and direct exchanges with the staff of Nectaro has been constructive and professional, with an undeniable quality of service and proactive willingness to provide information and clarify doubts. reviews

Is Trustworthy or Not – Due Diligence Findings Is it safe?

* is a website operated by SIA Nectaro, with registration number: 40203016025 and legal address at: Jeruzalemes 1, Riga, LV-1010, Latvia, with Contact telephone number: +371 67783589

*Nectaro is an authorized investment platform with IBF investment broker license number 27-55/2023/3 supervised by the Central Bank of Latvia (division: K. Valdemara 2A, Riga, LV-1050, Latvia; phone: +371 67022300)

*Nectaro is a member of the national investor compensation scheme established under EU Directive 97/9/EC. The scheme protects investors by offering them compensation if Nectaro does not return financial instruments or cash to investors. The maximum compensation that an investor can claim under the plan is 90% of their net loss, up to a maximum of €20,000.

*SIA Nectaro is a company established no less than in August 2016 and – according to specialized databases – has a share capital of 380,000 euros, practically a record compared to other platforms in the sector.

*In the company registry, within activities, it appears under the category of data processing, hosting and related activities (63.11) and Other financial services activities, except insurance and pension funds, which is consistent with the activity conducted for the platform.

*The top managers of the Nectaro team include: Sigita Kotlere, Board Member & CEO — Anna Berezovska, Board Member and CCO — Dmitry Tsymber – Founder & Board Member, which is consistent with the records we have access to and matches their LinkedIN profiles.

nectaro anna berezovska

* With the information collected, there is no reason to think that Nectaro is a scam. Besides the website has a very high positive rating in ScamAdviser.

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Nectaro Tutorial – How to Get Started Step by Step

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Nectaro, being an entity regulated by the Central Bank of Latvia, follows a similar process to other regulated crowdlending platforms when creating an account and starting to invest. It is a relatively quick and simple process and we will basically have to follow these steps:

1. Confirm our email address
2. Verify our identity and provide information (including documentary verification) to complete the KYC form.
3. Complete the Suitability & Appropriateness assessment – the typical knowledge questionnaire for regulated platforms-.

How to Invest in Nectaro – Options and Considerations

At NECTARO we can invest MANUALLY from 50 euros per operation in any of the Notes listed in its marketplace. The implementation of the AutoInvest function is planned in the near future, but it was not yet ready at the time of writing. Despite this, it is expected that this function will be included this month, before the end of the year.

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Nectaro P2P Crowdfunding Opinion Review

Nectaro is a platform that presents an investment solution with very balanced and reasonable parameters of performance, term, etc. all wrapped in a very intuitive and easy-to-use interface, with the added bonus of its solid regulation at the European level. Without a doubt, there are still aspects to develop such as the Autoinvest or Secondary Market, but it is also true that it can be an attractive solution to explore and diversify our portfolio. It should be noted that Nectaro has been launched as an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and its Action Plan includes implementing all these improvements in the short term.

Nectaro Advantages – Strong Points

1) Attractive returns on Notes, around 13% annually.

2) Platform regulated as an investment broker by the Central Bank of Latvia.

3) Interesting geodiversification, with loans originated in relatively uncommon countries such as Romania or Moldova.

4) With the trust of a solid innovative group behind it -Dyninno- and a quality Originator such as EcoFinance.

Weaknesses and Aspects to take into account

1) Despite its good foundation, we must not forget that it is a relatively recently created platform, so  the performance of its operations in the medium and long term has yet to be assessed.

2) We miss some functions – most of them in preparation for inminent implementation – such as Autoinvest or the Secondary Market

Nectaro Forum

Do you want to have a space to comment and share your doubts and experiences about this regulated Latvian crowdlending platform?… Below we have enabled the Nectaro Forum so you can express yourself and ask questions freely… Write us your comment!