REENTAL Opinions 2024 Review

Reental is a crowd investment platform for real estate assets that allows investors to acquire property shares through tokens. The tokens represent a fraction of the property -which grants collection rights for the exploitation of the property (rent, etc.)- and can be bought and sold by the users of the platform.

Tokenization, essentially the differential element of Reental compared to other real estate crowdfunding platforms in use, allows investors to acquire shares in real estate in a more accessible and liquid way, providing greater transparency and simplifying the investment process.

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Real Estate Crowdfunding
100 euros
Cryptocurrencies (BNB, USDT,…)
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Reental Review – Critical Performance Parameters Opinion and Analysis – Hexastar Chart

PROFITABILITY: Reental is a crowd investment platform that offers an attractive return compared to the market average, often in double digits, with the additional peculiarity that it presents a double yield aspect: on the one hand, the recurring income that we will obtain derived from of the exploitation of the properties that we acquire (rentals, etc.) and on the other, the final revaluation that materializes when the sale of the property that we have acquired occurs.

SECURITY: The fact that all the operations presented in the Reental marketplace implicitly have a property as underlying is undoubtedly an interesting aspect in order to shore up confidence in the performance of our investments. Of course, there will be things that are beyond our control, such as the degree of occupancy in a certain area or the evolution of the real estate market… but without a doubt, secured crowdinvesting is generally more attractive than unsecured operations.

DIVERSIFICATION: With a good portfolio of Spanish properties and a minimum investment of only 100 euros per operation, Reental has the potential to provide us with a wide diversification of the real estate portfolio. Despite the fact that it has some international operations, we miss more properties abroad to further geodiversify our portfolio.

LIQUIDITY: Despite the long-term nature of the investment projects proposed by the platform, the truth is that there are two ways to transfer our properties, either through a direct sale to another verified user or by putting the token up for sale. in one of the external liquidity pools. These mechanisms undoubtedly provide some liquidity to our investments, although we must be aware that we may not always be able to sell them at the price we want.

FUNCTIONALITY:In this section we evaluate both the functions that the platform makes available to us as users, as well as the interface and ease of use to carry out the most basic operations such as buying real estate, etc. Despite the fact that the tokenization of properties is a fascinating idea that provides numerous benefits -for example, in terms of liquidity and transparency of operations-, the truth is that for the day-to-day life of the average crowdlending and crowdfunding user, the presence of the crypto ecosystem, including the need to have a decentralized portfolio such as Metamask and its associated concepts such as the recovery phrase, gas fees, networks, etc. as well as the operation via tokens through STOs (Security Token Offerings) are undoubtedly entry barriers that, although they can be overcome,

Currently, does not have an app.

CUSTOMER SERVICE: Reental has a presence on networks, including LinkedIN, Instagram, Telegram, YouTube, etc. and a truly extraordinary range of tutorials, being one of the best in this regard. Our personal experience in contacting your Customer Service directly, however, has not been entirely optimal, perhaps simply due to bad luck or the festivities surrounding the preparation of this review, hence our -for the moment – intermediate assessment in this section.

Is Rerental Reliable or Not – Due Diligence Findings Is it safe?

*Reental is a trade name of RentalToken, SL with NIF B01988393 and address in Madrid, Calle Don Ramón de la Cruz 38, 28001, registered in the Mercantile Registry on 12-15-2020, in Volume 41162, Folio 30, Registration 1, Sheet M-729800

* According to the databases consulted, it has a share capital of between €0 and €3,100 and its corporate purpose is the purchase, sale and rental of real estate -CNAE 6810- The provision of digitization services in investment project financing operations and strategic consulting, organizational technology, training and market processes -CNAE 6201-

*Eric Sánchez (current CEO of the company) and Miguel Caballero (Token and Product Manager) appear in the registry as Joint Administrators. Both positions verified in professional social networks such as LinkedIN, etc.

With the information collected, there is no a priori reason to think that Reental is a scam or scam.

Opinion P2P Crowdfunding Review

Reental is an interesting proposal within the competitive sector of national real estate crowdfunding. Its focus on generating passive rental income, its wide range of properties, its more than reasonable minimum investment and its solid management team are undoubtedly strong points of this platform… But tokenization, STOs -not to be confused with ICOs – and the technical and operational peculiarities derived from these can represent a considerable entry barrier for a user profile that tends to move away from everything that smells of crypto.
ATTENTION: Register now in Reental from our exclusive link and get a 2% Bonus in RNT (Reental native token) on the first investment made.

Advantages of Reental – Strong Points

1) One of the few platforms available to invest in real estate with a focus on the passive generation of dividends through rentals.

2) Attractive selection of projects, with a good mix of cities and locations in the portfolio and interesting potential returns.

3) Tokenization not for fashion but for functionality: accessible minimum investment, transparency and more liquidity for our investments.

4) Excellent management team behind the platform, with an interesting plan for the future to make Reental a benchmark on the national and international crowd scene.

Weaknesses and Aspects to improve – Opinions

1) Pending evaluation of the portfolio and the performance of the long-term projects as the acquired properties are liquidated.

2) We miss the auto-invest feature on the platform.

3) Despite the commendable and effective efforts of mentoring, help and initial training, the operation based on crypto tokens can be too great an entry barrier for a wide sector of potential users.

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