Best Peer to Peer Lending Platforms and Other Alternative Investments in 2020

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Let’s start with our TOP P2P lending sites list, where we can have  a look at best crowdlending platforms out there, their advantages, strong points and how they fit in our investment portfolio… Are you ready?

Best Peer to Peer Lending Platforms 2020


mintos scam or safe

Mintos is probably the best European marketplace for P2P and P2B lending. A company from Latvia that has been succesfully providing profits to its customers since 2015.

Comprising more than 70 loan originators and with a very strong investor community approaching the 300,000 count, this Latvian webpage has already funded loans for more than one thousand million dollars in accumulated value.

WHY invest in Mintos – The Best Crowdlending Platform

*Great offer of loans, including all types and classes (P2P, P2B, invoice trading, agricultural…).

*Great array of Loan Originators from many different countries.

*Investments from just 10 euros per loan.

*Historical returns near 12% annual.

*Most loans issued come with Buyback Guarantee

HOW Mintos Fits our P2P Investment Portfolio

Taking into account its average annual return, the Buyback Guarantee and the ENORMOUS intrinsic diversification, we can allocate a reasonable portion of our P2P Portfolio to this platform, which is going to be one of the largest in terms of investment amount.

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bondora scam or safe

Bondora is a veteran peer-to-peer lending platform from Estonia which has been operating since 2008 and has become a true benchmark for many P2P platforms trying to build an investor community as powerful as the Bondorians…

With Bondora we will have access to an enormous amount of personal loans from countries such as Estonia, Finland or Spain, with double digit returns and even triple digit returns with highest risk class loan.

WHY invest in Bondora- The Best Personal Loan Investing Website

* Investments from just one euro per loan and huge diversity of operations to invest.

* Very high returns with well-adjusted risk/return ratio.

* Very easy to use for beginners but very powerful for hardcore investors.

* Wide range of deposit options, including the convenience of credit cards.

* Excelent reputation built upon more than a decade of high returns to its investors.

HOW Bondora Fits our P2P Portfolio in 2020

Bondora is the star regarding personal loans in our peer-to-peer lending portfolio: with huge diversification options and very high returns, there is simply not a better option in this asset class. Yes, it does not come with buyback guarantee, BUT the great returns make for absence of this function without any doubt.


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grupeer scam or safe

Grupeer is a Latvian investment platform oriented to P2B crowdlending (peer-to-business) which has gained a huge international community support thanks to its great annual returns in loans covered by Buyback Guarantee.

With an average annual return of 14% or even 15%, it is difficult to find a platform with a better risk/reward ratio than Grupeer.

WHY invest in Grupeer – The Best P2P Investments with Buyback

*Grupeer is simply the best peer-to-peer lending platform where all loans come with Buyback Guarantee, with returns exceeding 14%.

*Wide variety of Loan Originators and types of operations, including business loans and real estate crowdfunding.

*Great cashback promotions from time to time to boost profitability even further.

*Investments from just 10 euros per operation, making diversification easy.

HOW Grupeer Fits our Crowdlending Portfolio in 2020

Grupeer is an excelent choice to reinforce any peer-to-peer lending portfolio with an optimum balance between risk and returns making good use of its 100% buyback guarantee.

Although it is a fairly new investment website it has managed to grow its investor base quickly gaining the trust of thousands of satisfied clients.


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