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Kviku Finance reviews

Kviku Finance is the new P2P loan investment platform created by the Kviku Group, a Russian fintech company specializing in short-term microcredits and which already originates on platforms such as Mintos, where it has a “B” rating, Bondster or Viventor.

In this review we share all our opinions about Kviku.finance as users of it … Don’t miss it!

Kviku Finance Reviews – Critical Performance Parameters

Kviku Finance is a platform that presents solid arguments in terms of PROFITABILITY (its loans range from 13% to 15% of annualized net income), RISK (all transactions are issued with a guarantee of full repayment – capital + interest). 30 days) and LIQUIDITY (although it does not have a secondary market, the assets of the platform usually have a maturity of 2 months or less).

Despite this, we must keep in mind that this is still a new platform (which penalizes its score in CONFIDENCE) and that all our investments will logically be concentrated – and will be dependent on – the originator Kviku, which reduces its score in DIVERSIFICATION.

Kviku What it is and How it works – P2P Lending

kviku review

Kviku Finance is the P2P arm of Kviku Group, a business holding company with operations in Russia, Kazakhstan, Spain, Poland and the Philippines that offers us the possibility to participate in high-yield personal loan portfolios covered by Buyback.

The crowdlending company Kviku Holding is duly registered in Cyprus with registration number HE 382807

Kviku Review – Performance

From the point of view of performance, Kviku Finance, with an interface very similar to Robocash, offers us the possibility to invest in consumer loans with a return ranging from 13% to 15% and a term of some months duration from 10 euros per operation.

kviku review

All covered by the buyback or buyback guarantee of the original Kviku originator, which operates among others in countries such as Spain, Russia, Poland, Ukraine, the Philippines or Kazakhstan and is activated at 30 days of default by returning both capital and interest owed.

Kviku P2P Lending Review Review

Kviku Finance is currently presenting itself as one of the investment options in crowdlending that has the best performance in the very short term with full repurchase guarantee, which makes it a very attractive asset to hold in the portfolio. Still, we must be aware that this is a newly created platform (a consolidated Originator, of course) and the possible redundancy of Kviku investments we might have on other platforms.

Advantages of KvikuFinance

➊ High-return investments (14% average) covered by a 30-day Total Repurchase Guarantee (capital + interest) from Kviku, a consolidated originator, founded in 2013 and present on several platforms.

➋ Specialized platform in the very short term, with typical durations of one or two months per operation.

➌ Investments from only 10 euros.

➍ Very simple to use interface and oriented towards self-investment . Similar to Robocash.

Weaknesses and Aspects to Improve

➊ Platform of very recent creation, it remains to be seen its performance in the medium / long term.

➋ Dependency on the Kviku Originator and possible duplicity with other investments we have in it through other platforms.

Kviku Comments and Forum

Want to have a space to comment and share your doubts and experiences about this Cypriot P2P crowdlending platform? … Look no further! Here below we enable the Kviku Finance Forum so you can express yourself and ask freely … Write us your comment!