BRICKFY Opinions 2024 Review – Real Estate Aggregator and High Profitability

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Brickfy is a new crowdlending aggregator that arrives from Estonia with an innovative and very interesting proposal: to bring together the best business and real estate loans and operations from a selection of originators and marketplaces from around the world including old-known platforms such as Bulkestate or Inveslar and more “exotic” platforms and originators such as the Italian Re-lender, the Philippine Right Choice Finance or the Russian originator Dozarplati among others…

We have been the first to thoroughly test this platform and in this MEGAreview we tell you our impressions and all the information you are looking for … are you ready? 🙂

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“Brickfy breaks into the crowdlending landscape with an aggregator that will meet the expectations of a wide range of users, from lovers of high profitability with Buyback to fans of inter-platform diversification. If it keeps on improving its catalog and functionality little by little, it can certainly become one of the most attractive proposals of the crowd universe in 2024. 

What is Brickfy Statistics and Global Data

brickfi reviews

Brickfy is a crowdlending aggregator (that is, a website that compiles and selects the best operations of other P2P lending websites by making them available to investors through a unified marketplace) specialized in high-performance Peer to Business loans and operations of real estate crowdfunding, thus being the first multi-type aggregator that we evaluate.

With a Spanish management team based in Estonia, it is also worth noting that Brickfy is the first aggregator of this class licensed to operate as a financial entity issued by the Estonian regulatory body, which is always a plus of project strength and trustworthiness.

First Steps in Brickfy

brickfi license

Registration in Brickfy is frankly simple and similar to other European crowlending platforms. It will only take a few minutes to complete and consists of the following steps:

➊ Fill in the initial investor registration form (indicating the Referral Code op132g to earn 5 euros after registering and making he first deposit + 1% of EVERYTHING you invest in the platform for the first three months, limited to a total bonus of maximum 100 euros.).

➋ Confirm the email address by clicking on the corresponding email.

➌ Provide proof of identity to carry out the verification (including ID or Passport and proof of address).

➍ Make the first contribution of funds by bank transfer.

Requirements to create an investor account in Brickfy

+ Be of legal age.

+ Registration is open for most nationalities, including all European countries.

Deposits How to add funds to our Brickfi account

Contributions can be made by bank transfer. Specifically, Brick fy works with the Lithuanian bank Paysera and – once our identity is verified – they will provide us with an account number and concept to make our deposit and start investing.

Bonus Brickfy Cashback – New Users Bonus

Brickfy currently offers a very attractive promotion for new investors who want to try the platform, consisting of a gift of 5 euros when registering and validating the account and making the first deposit and 1 % of ALL investment made during the first 3 months, limited to a total bonus of maximum 100 euros. To access this promotion, you simply have to register from HERE and enter the following Referral Code: op132g

How Brickfy Commissions Works

Brickfy has absolutely NO commission for the investor. It is thus a platform “0.0” commissions as we like on this website 🙂

How to Invest in Brickfy Crowdlending in 2024

Being a newly created platform, at Brickfy we have at the moment only the MANUAL method of investment from 10 euros per loan (depending on the originator, this amount may be greater).

In the near future, the implementation of AUTOINVEST and the SECONDARY MARKET is already planned, as well as all-in-one investment modalities of the Invest & Access style of Mintos, but for the moment we will have to work manually.

Investment Manual Analysis Brickfy P2P – Most Important Parameters

brickfy crowdfunding

➊ Invest 

In the INVEST tab of our Dashboard we will have a list of all available operations that includes the following basic information:

➋ Type 

In Brickfy we will find mainly P2B loans (represented by a briefcase) and real estate loans (represented by a building).

➌ Deal Partner (Originator)

The Deal Partner at Brickfy is the Originator of the operation. We will describe the main Brickfi Originators in a section later in this review.

➍ Est. IRR (estimated IRR)

The estimated net annualized return for this particular loan. In Brickfy we will find a wide range of opportunities, from high-yield loans with 15% Buyback to more moderate real estate operations. We can thus adapt the offer presented by the platform to our investment style and preferences.

➎ Term

Duration of each operation / investment in Brickfy, expressed in months or years, the usual duration is less than or equal to one year in business loans and slightly longer in the case of real estate loans.

➏ Rating (Risk Score)

An internal risk assessment carried out by Brickfy of each operation based on the Standard & Poors scale (from AAA -the safest- to D -the one with the highest risk-)

➐ Security (Guarantees)

In this section we can check the loans that have a Repurchase Guarantee (shield symbol) and also those that have mortgage guarantees (in which case the LTV or Loan to Value Ratio will be specified here). We will expand the information about the Buyback at Brickfy in a section later in this review.

➑ Minimum

In this section we can check the minimum investment required to participate in this operation (usually only 10 euros in business loans, but more in real estate).

Brickfy Crowdfunding How Autoinvest Works (Automatic Investment) – Step by Step Tutorial and Configuration

At the moment Brickfy does NOT yet have an Autoinvert tool. It is planned for early 2024.

Brickfy Secondary Market and Liquidity

At the moment Brickfy does not yet have a secondary market, although its implementation is planned in early 2024.

Brickfy Buyback  Guarantee

Birckfy reviews

In Brickfy the repurchase guarantee is specified at the loan level (operation to operation) symbolized with a blue shield within the loan list as we show in the corresponding section.

The Buyback always depends on the Deal Partner or Loan Originator, and unless otherwise specified, it comes into play 60 days from default and covers both capital and interest due (Buyback Total).

Originators Brickfy Deal Partners

originators brickfi deal partners

In Brickfy we will find a selection of crowdlending platforms and originators that combine old acquaintances with refreshing novelties to offer us an interesting team that will surely grow over the months offering a rich and varied investment experience. Let’s review some of these companies:


One of the most profitable Estonian crowdfunding platforms with the lowest LTV at the moment, with very interesting opportunities. Although its origination volume is not sufficiently high on its own, in the context of Brickfy it provides both diversification and profitability in the global portfolio.


Probably the most veteran crowdlenders sound this Russian originator who is currently present in Mintos -among other platforms-. In Brickfy we can invest directly in it by providing high-yield loans (close to 15%) with a buyback guarantee to our portfolio.


An old acquaintance of real estate crowdlending in Spain, with an attractive profitability in its projects and a very low incidence rate. Interesting to diversify our real estate portfolio.


Little known to most European lending investors, the truth is that this Lithuanian platform offers loans with mortgage guarantees with very attractive returns, presenting an excellent profitability-risk binomial.


Relender is an interesting niche Italian real estate crowdfunding platform, focused on renovations and reforms, similar in this sense to what Privalore was in Spain. It is especially interesting to have it in the Brickfy catalog because it will allow us to geo-diversify by country in Italy – an uncommon country in other platforms.


Right Choice is probably the most exotic component of the set of Brickfy starting partners: a Filipino originator that we have seen sporadically in other platforms such as Grupeer and that brings us loans with very attractive returns and buyback.

Brickfy Pay – Cash Withdrawals

Brickfy allows us to withdraw our available balance at any time and from 100 euros, without charging any type of commission to the investor . Usually withdrawals are processed quickly and in one or two business days we will have the money back in our bank account.

Is Brickfy safe? Risks and Regulation

brick and mortar

Brickfy – trademark of Brick and Mortar Digital Assets OÜ – is a company registered in Estonia in July 2019 with registration number # 14756307, subject to Estonian and European commercial laws.

In addition, Brickfy is licensed as a financial entity authorized by the regulator of its country, with number FFA000353 and effective as of October 2019.


Like the rest of crowdlending platforms, investing in Brickfy loans and operations can be a very profitable activity, but not without risks, some of which we indicate below:

+ Risk of lack of liquidity of our investments.

+ Risk of non-payment of loans by borrowers.

+ Risk of incorrect valuation of the properties and assets offered as collateral.

+ Risk of adverse evolution of the real estate market.

+ Bankruptcy risk of the platform.

Ergonomics Brickfy Web and Reports

The Brickfy website is intuitive and simple to use, being suitable for browsing even for the newest in the world of crowdlending.

If we carry out the study of distance in clicks for the most common operations that we usually carry out, we obtain the following results:

★★★ 3 clicks to invest in one of its operations.

★ 1 click to see the status of one of the loans in which we have invested.

★★★ 3 clicks to withdraw money.

Which is better than the average of the crowdlending platforms analyzed. Very good!

Brickfy Real Expected Annual Yield

✰ Brickfi presents an average gross return of approximately 12 % with a wide range of available returns.

✰ It does not present any type of commission for investing users, so no losses are expected in this regard.

✰ It is not expected to reduce long-term defaults (all loans have buyback or mortgage guarantees).

✰ The estimated annual average net profitability, so it is a 12% base minus (0)% of losses and commissions = 12% annual net for a well diversified long-term portfolio , which is slightly above the average platform Crowdlending evaluated on this website.

Brickfy Taxes – Tax Withholding and Taxation 

Brickfy does NOT practice any withholding of interest earned on its platform. If in doubt, please consult with a tax advisor.

Brickfy P2P Lending – Contact Information and Customer Service

Brickfy is based in Tallinn, Estonia, and makes available to users the email and the contact telephone number +372 58 55 77 65 to answer any questions or concerns.

In our experience, the Customer Service is excellent: fast and efficient, professionally answering any questions or queries we may have.

The Team behind the Company

Brickfy juancho Arregui

We commented at the beginning of this review that although Brickfy is an Estonia company, it has a strong Spanish accent, this is the case for the two project leaders: Juancho Arregui and Fernando Palma.

Juancho Arregui CEO and Co-Founder

Juancho is a digital Humanist, Architect, Artist and Entrepreneur founder of the Brickfunding real estate project and its evolution that we bring you today, Brickfy. A multidisciplinary teacher who puts his talent at the service of this project.

Fernando Palma COO

International business consultant, Growth hacker and computer expert, Fernando puts all his expertise at the service of the technical part and the business of Brickfy.

Is Brickfy CrowdLending reliable? Opinion Forums, Networks, Aggregators …

Being a newly created platform, there are still no significant opinions in the main aggregators. We will update this section when more information is available. Our opinion and personal experience to date is outstanding.

Our Brickfy Personal Investment Strategy

✰ Choose the investment style: A platform as versatile as the one we are dealing with today can lead to several strategies to follow, being able to focus on high-yield loans with Buyback (Grupeer style), in omniplatform (style-like) real estate loans Evoestate) or in a combination of both investment styles based on our profile and expectations.

In our case we will take advantage of the high profitability with Buyback at Brickfy and combine it with its potential to invest in infrequent platforms / originators such as Re-lender or Right Choice Finance, adding new originators to our portfolio as they leave.

Brickfy Review 2024 – Final Conclusion

“ Brickfy breaks into the crowdlending landscape with an aggregator that will meet the expectations of a wide range of users, from lovers of high profitability with Buyback to fans of inter-platform diversification. If it keeps on improving its catalog and functionality little by little, it can certainly become one of the most attractive proposals of the crowd universe in 2024. 

Advantages of Brickfy – Strengths

➊ Possibility of investing in an interesting range of platforms and originators – some of them infrequent or difficult for the everyday investor – and build a balanced portfolio from the same platform.

➋ Attractive returns on loans with Buyback, close to 15%, very competitive in the current times.

➌ Good selection of real estate originators, very interesting to geodiversify in properties.

➍ Entity licensed by the Estonian financial regulator, with a great management team behind and with a vocation for transparency and doing things well by adding value from day one.

Weaknesses and aspects to improve

➊ Brickfy is a young company that is increasing its client and investor base. The performance of its long-term operations remains to be verified.

➋ We miss the function of Autoinvesting and the Secondary Market a bit, although we know that it is in the pipeline of development of the platform.

ATTENTION: Use our link and exclusive op132g referral code when registering and get 5 euros for free after making the first deposit + 1% of EVERYTHING you invest in the first 3 months, limited to a total bonus of maximum 100 euros.

Alternatives to Brickfy Review

At the level of high-performance P2B loans, Grupeer is undoubtedly the reference at the European level, but with the returns that Brickfy handles and the drop in performance of the first, Brickfy currently has a competitive advantage.

At the aggregators level, it is true that in real estate we also have Evoestate, but Brickfy’s vocation to become a global P2B + real estate aggregator means that over time it can have more travel than the first.

Brickfy Forum

Do you want to have a space to comment and share your doubts and experiences about this Estonian crowdlending aggregator?… Look no further! Here below we enable the Brickfy Forum so you can express yourself and ask freely… Write us your comment! 🙂