EVOESTATE Opinions 2022 Review – The Best European Real Estate Crowdfunding Aggregator

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Evoestate is a new and very interesting real estate crowdfunding platform that acts as a pan-European aggregator, collecting the best projects from the best Baltic, British, German and Spanish real estate platforms , including well-known names such as Civislend, Bulkestate, Reinvest24 or Inveslar entre others and adding new platforms every month …

The vocation of the platform is to go beyond being a mere aggregator, and is that the managers of the same carry out their own process of Due Diligence before listing a project and invest their own capital in all published opportunities , with a marked Skin-in-the-game philosophy, which undoubtedly brings great added value to the platform.

Do you want to know more details about Evoestate? … Well stay because we were among the first to test it thoroughly to bring you this MEGAreview with all our opinions and analysis.

Evoestate is honestly one of the platforms that has most surprised us in recent months, with a diversification, transparency in management, a skin in the game philosophy and a risk-reward balance that we have not seen for quite some time. No doubt a strong candidate to be a 5 star platform in the near future to continue with this excellent track record … And with its welcome bonus there is simply NO excuse not to try it
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What is Evoestate Statistics and Global Data

evoestate estadisticas

Evo Estate is a new platform of Estonian origin, created at the beginning of 2019, that works as an aggregator of real estate crowfunding opportunities , selecting and publishing the best real estate projects of more than half a dozen originating platforms, including companies in Spain -like Inveslar, Civislend and soon also Housers-, Germany, the United Kingdom and the Baltic countries.

This aggregation feature, added to the process of analysis and Due Diligence carried out by the platform team, gives Evostate a priori a considerable added value with respect to direct investment in each platform, including:

+ Access to a very broad diversification, with opportunities in at least 10 different countries

+ Possibility of investing in platforms that are not easily accessible by a foreign investor (like most German platforms)

+ Double check of the quality of each opportunity by the Originator first, and by Evoestate before publishing it in your marketplace.

+ Access to better functionality than the standard of each platform, including investments of only 50 euros per transaction and the possibility of making our investment liquid at any time (see below).

First Steps in Evo Estate

evostate record

Evoestate follows a standard registration process , which includes checking the email, completing a questionnaire with personal data, sending a copy of the passport or identity card to verify the identity and making the first transfer.

Requirements to create an investor account in Evostate

+ Be of legal age

+ Registration is open to citizens of ALL nationalities except the United States Investors from Latin America are also welcome!

Steps to Open an Account in Evoestate

➊ Indicate a registration email address.

➋ Confirm the email address by clicking on the link that we will receive.

➌ Fill in the initial form of the investor.

➍ Carry out automatic identity verification with a webcam or upload documents (photocopy of passport or ID and photo to the platform).

➎ Make the first contribution of funds by bank transfer.

DepositsHow to add funds to our Evo Estate account

We can make our first contribution through bank transfer, following a procedure similar to that of other real estate crowdfunding platforms. In particular, Evoestate works with the PAYSERA electronic bank, and by pressing the DEPOSIT button from our DASHBOARD, they will indicate an account number and a concept to carry out the transfer.

Evoestate Promo Code – New Users Bonus

Evoestate currently has an attractive welcome promotion for new investors, consisting of 0,5% of ALL you invest the first 6 months if you sign up from our exclusive link🙂 (NO promotional code required, leave it blank).

How Evoestate Works Commissions

Evoestate is a “0.0” platform, with absolutely NO commission for the investor, as we like at TodoCrowdlending.com and as it should be on ALL platforms 🙂

How to Invest in Evo Estate in 2022

In the Evostate aggregator we can invest both manually, from 50 euros per project as well as automatically through your Autoinvest. We will now describe each of these two investment modalities.

Manual Investment Evoestate Analysis – Most Important Parameters

invest in evoestate

From the PROJECTS tab of the main panel we will have access to the catalog of available projects to invest in today. In this screen we will have access to some of the most relevant parameters of each operation, including:

➊ Country

One of the strengths of Evoestate is that the platform gathers the best opportunities from up to a dozen different countries, including Spain, United Kingdom, Germany, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania … Ideal in terms of diversification to enrich our portfolio.

➋ Amount requested and% progress

In this section we can take a look at the size of the operation, the% it has covered to date and the number of investors already participating in this opportunity among other relevant data.

➌ Annual Yield 

The annualized returns in Evoestate range from 6% to 16% or more, being undoubtedly a factor to be taken into account … although in our opinion it is preferable to take advantage of the immense potential of diversification of the aggregator even at the cost of participating occasionally in some opportunities of lower performance … but presumably less risk.

➍ Type 

Another advantage of Evoestate is that it lists real estate projects of very diverse nature and type … from operations designed in the short term to longer term projects to generate passive income through rent.

Some of the options that we will see are the following:

Development Loan: Real estate development. Loan to develop a new real estate project.

Buy to let: Operation oriented to the generation of long-term rental income.

Buy to let then Flip: Operation focused on rent in the first instance to look for a retrospective sale.

Equity: Project by which a Company is constituted that will be in charge of the exploitation of the financed property.

Renovation Loan: Medium-term project aimed at acquiring a property at low cost, renovate it and sell it at a price higher than the purchase price.

➎ Term 

In Evoestate we can find from opportunities posed a few months (6 or less) to longer-term operations mainly oriented to rent and the generation of passive income over time. Choosing one or the other type or combining all the possibilities in our portfolio is a decision that we should make as investors.


If we click on this button we will go to the file in detail of the project, where we can consult the following information.

evostate crowdfunding

➐ Location

Country and city in which the operation we are examining is located

➑ Interest Payment Schedule 

Some of the projects pay interest every month, others at the conclusion of the loan and some, like the case of this example, with another frequency -in this occasion, every six months-. It is good to always have a look at this section to see what we can expect in this regard.

➒ Mortgage Rank

In case the project in which we want to invest has a mortgage guarantee, information will appear about whether it is First or Second Rank (that is, first priority or second priority of collection in case of insolvency of the borrower).

➓ Description 

In this section we will have all the details of the project, including its scope and a complete description of it, as well as the real estate crowdfunding platform that has originally published this project.

➊➊ Collateral 

A brief description of the guarantees presented by the project, from mortgages to personal or corporate guarantees, we can all consult in this section.

➊➋ Documentation

Access to all relevant project files, including Business Plan, Promoter Data, Guarantees, etc.

➊➌ I want to Invest

In this field we will fill the amount that we want to invest in the project, from 50 euros per operation, and the system will calculate the performance that we will foreseeably obtain on our capital instantly.


Finally, when we are ready, we will press the blue INVEST button and confirm our investment in this Evoestate project. All ready!

Evoestate – How Autoinvest Works (Automatic Investment) – Step by Step Tutorial and Configuration

Evoestate Autoinvert

The Autoinvertir of Evoestate is one of the simplest we have found to date, in just 8 steps we can have it configured … Let’s see how!

1 – We choose how much we want to invest in each of the operations, from 50 euros per project.

2 – In PERIOD we specify the maximum number of months in which we are willing to invest.

3 – In TYPE we select the type of operations in which we want to invest, as described in section 4 of the previous chapter

4 – In PROJECT ORIGINATOR, we select in projects of what Originators we are willing to invest (right now we can select BERGFÜRST, HOUSERS, INVESLAR, NORDSTREET, PROPCROWD and REINVEST24 among others …)

5 – In COUNTRY we can specify the countries in which we want to invest.

6 – In INTEREST we can indicate how often we want our interests to pay us (monthly, quarterly, etc.)

7 – In MORTGAGE RANK, as described in section 9 of the previous chapter, we can specify FIRST, SECOND or all.

8 – And finally to activate our Autoinvert, we will press the button that indicates ENABLE AUTO INVEST.

Evoestate Secondary Market and Liquidity

At this time, Evo Estate does NOT have a secondary market, but it has been planned for implementation during the second half of 2019.

Meanwhile, investors have a liquidity mechanism, which is that at any time we can ask the managers of the platform to recover the money we have invested in a specific operation, rescuing 90% of our capital immediately (the other 10 % is the early redemption penalty).

UPDATE: Evoestate already has a fully functional secondary market since September 2019! 🙂

Buyback Evoestate Buy back Guarantee

Evoestate projects, as in all cases of real estate crowdfunding, do NOT have a Repurchase Guarantee in the sense that we are used to with platforms such as Mintos and Vianvest, given that real estate operations have a series of intrinsic guarantees per se. -described in each of the projects- that make them generally safer than investments in personal P2P or P2B business loans.

Evoestate Loan Originators

Evostate is in the background an aggregator of platforms or originators of real estate crowdfunding and much of its value lies in the wide variety of the same with which it has, with companies such as:


Founded in 2011 and with more than 50 million euros funded to date, Bergfurst is a German real estate crowdlending platform specializing in premium projects in Alemani, Austria and Spain.


Created in 2016, this British real estate crowfunding platform carries more than 6 million euros in projects financed with average returns close to 12% in properties in the United Kingdom.

BRICKSTARTER (coming soon)

Spanish real estate crowdfunding platform created in 2017 with a clear focus on tourism apartments, the generation of passive income and the search for opportunities with Big Data.


Created in 2016, this real estate investment page originating in Estonia is a high performance platform with average net returns above 15% and more than 8 million euros financed in projects in the Baltic countries.


Spanish real estate crowdfunding platform, authorized by the CNMV with an excellent customer service and risk management team that select premium opportunities for investors interested in investing in real estate.


With more than 40 million euros funded, this British real estate crowdfunding platform founded in 2013 provides us with interesting properties to invest in in the UK.

HOUSERS (available soon)

Soon, we will also have the Housers projects in Evoestate, a Spanish platform authorized by the CNMV, the pan-European leader by number of users with more than 100,000 registered investors and almost 100 million euros financed.


Inveslar is a Spanish real estate crowdfunding company with a wide variety of real estate assets focused on key cities such as Barcelona, ​​Valencia and other high performance locations.


Nordestreet is a Lithuanian real estate crowdfunding platform that offers average returns of over 12% per year on Lithuanian properties.


Propcrowd is a Spanish platform that operates through the PFP coverage of Socilen (accredited entity CNMV) to offer real estate projects in Spain with returns of more than 13%


Platform of Estonian origin focused on the generation of passive income through rental income from a portfolio of diversified properties.

Evo State Cash Withdrawals

Evosestate allows us to withdraw our available balance at any time and from one euro, without charging any type of commission to the investor . Usually the withdrawals are processed quickly and in one or two business days we will have the money back in our bank account.

Is Evoestate safe? Risks and Regulation

Evoestate Group

Evoestate is a young company registered in Estonia since February 2019, with registration number 14654604 , subject to the commercial laws of Estonia and Europe.

As in other real estate crowdfunding platforms, investing in Evoestate projects can be a very profitable activity, but not without risk, some of which we indicate below:

Risk of Lack of Liquidity

Investments in crowdlending usually always present the risk that our capital is blocked until the end of the operation or operations in which we have invested. Evoestate is NOT an exception in this respect, but until the implementation of the secondary market -provided for the second half of 2019- it presents a liquidity mechanism by which we can rescue the capital invested in any opportunity by paying a 10% penalty on it. (to carry out this operation we must send an email to the managers of the platform to whom we will sell our shares).

Risk of non-payment of loans by borrowers

The risk of default is probably one of the biggest pitfalls faced by investors in crowdlending. In the case of Evoestate, all the projects selected for publication in its Marketplace go through a double screening process: on the one hand the own of the originating platform and on the other that of the management team of Evoestate, which invests its capital in ALL the projects that publishes (what is commonly referred to as skin-in-the-game) . In addition, all the published projects present a series of guarantees – mortgage, business, etc. – that are detailed in the file of each of the projects listed.

Bankruptcy risk of one of the Originators

Evoestate is ultimately an aggregator that takes projects from several platforms or real estate crowdlending originators. In the unlikely event that any of these platforms or originators go bankrupt, some of the operations linked to it could be affected. In any case, from Evoestate special emphasis is placed on choosing solvent collaborating platforms with a long history of good practices in the sector.

Bankruptcy Risk of the Platform

In the unlikely event that Evoestate itself went bankrupt, according to one of the questions raised in its own FAQ, neither our projects would be affected (given that our contractual relationship is with the originator according to each case, Evoestate is a mere facilitator) nor our non-invested funds would be compromised, being in accounts segregated to the balance of the aggregator.

Ergonomics Evostate Web and Reports

The Evoestate website is very simple to use, intuitive and accessible to all users, with all the information very well structured and the portfolio data and status of the projects very well presented.

If we carry out the distance study in clicks for the most habitual operations that we usually carry out, we obtain the following results:

★★★ 3 clicks to invest in one of the loans.

★★ 2 clicks to see the status of one of the loans in which we have invested.

★★★ 3 clicks to withdraw money.

Which is average or better than the rest of the crowdlending platforms analyzed.

Evoestate Real Annual Return Expected

✰ Evoestate has an average gross return of approximately 11% , depending on the specific opportunity.

✰ It does not present management commissions, nor any other type of commissions, with which there are no losses in this sense.

✰ Substantial loss due to long-term defaults is not to be expected.

✰ The estimated annual average net profitability, therefore, is 11% base less (0)% of losses and commissions = 11% net annual for a well-diversified long-term portfolio , which is on the average of crowdlending platforms evaluated in this web

Taxation Evoestate OU – Tax Retention

Evostate DOES NOT practice any withholding of the interests obtained in its platform. It is our responsibility to declare them in the IRPF / Annual Income Tax Return. Remember that the interests of crowdlending are taxed as return on movable capital. In case of doubts, please consult with a tax advisor.

Evoestate P2P Lending – Contact Information and Customer Service

evoestate email

Evoestate is registered in Estonia and has a contact form and email for the investor, info@evoestate.com

In our personal experience, Gustas and Audrius, attend the questions and questions raised with great haste and exceptional attention, in one of the most rewarding customer service experiences we have had to date.

The Team behind the Company

Tastes Germanavičius evoestate

Evoestate’s management team is undoubtedly one of the great strengths of the platform: composed by Gustas Germanavicius and Audrius Visniauskas: first of all two veteran investors in P2P lending who perfectly understand the needs and expectations of users who invest in crowdlending and they fight every day to bring us the best real estate projects from almost a dozen different platforms and countries through Evoestate.

Gustas Germanavicius – CEO Evoestate

Digital entrepreneur in series, with a solid background in international business, and passionate about peer to peer investments, Gustas currently resides in Valencia, and has turned all his talent and experience in Evoestate to create a real estate crowdfunding platform without borders.

Audrius Visniauskas – CIO Evoestate

Renowned investor in crowdlending and business angel and with extensive experience of almost 2 decades in online business, Audrius provides all its expertise and know-how to the duo Evoestate manager

Is Evoestate reliable? Opinion Forums, Networks, Aggregators …

There are currently no relevant opinions about Evostate.

Our personal experience to date is very positive. We have personally spoken with the management team of the platform and have attended all our consultations with extraordinary attention and professionalism

We will update this section with the most relevant comments reported by users.

Our Personal Investment Strategy in Evo Estate

✰ Diversification beyond pure and hard profitability: With almost a dozen originators and countries available in this aggregator, our priority in the platform is to make use of this extraordinary diversification that puts us on a platter, investing in opportunities of different origin and typology, with a balanced mix of high, medium and low profitability and our capital broadly distributed in the wide range of projects it offers.

Opinion Evoestate 2022 – Final Conclusion

Evoestate is honestly one of the platforms that has most surprised us in recent months, with a diversification, transparency in management, a skin in the game philosophy and a risk-reward balance that we have not seen for quite some time . No doubt a strong candidate to be a 5 star platform in the near future to continue with this excellent track record … And with its welcome bonus there is simply NO excuse not to try it “

Advantages of Evostate – Strengths

➊ Real estate crowdfunding aggregator that brings together in a single panel almost a dozen different platforms.

➋ Excellent management team, providing added value to Evoestate with its Due Diligence process, choosing only the best opportunities of each one of the originators and investing their capital in all the operations they publish (Skin in the Game)

➌ Significant project volume and investments from just 50 euros in a wide range of project types and countries … A paradise in terms of diversification.

➍ Possibility of making our investment liquid at any time -with a slight penalty- by requesting it from the platform’s managers-, and with the implementation of a secondary market planned for the coming months.

➎ Interesting welcome bonus for registering and testing the platform.

Weaknesses and Aspects to improve

➊ Evoestate is a young company that is increasing its customer and investor base. The long-term performance of its operations is confirmed.

Alternatives to Evoestate Review

There are currently no aggregators or real estate platforms that offer the diversification, balance and functionality that Evoestate puts at our disposal. In our opinion, it is an ideal complement to any real estate crowdfunding portfolio.

Evoestate Forum

Do you want to have a space to comment and share your doubts and experiences about this Estonian real estate crowdlending platform? … Look no further, here below we enable the Evoestate Forum so you can express yourself and ask freely … Write us your comment! 🙂

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