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Income is a new Estonian crowdlending marketplace with an emphasis on the selection and control of Loan Originators and innovative risk management mechanisms such as Cashflow Buffer that make it an interesting proposal to start investing in P2P. In this review we share all our opinions and impressions about it … Don’t miss it!

6 months
10 euros
Wire transfer
NO (planned for implementation shortly)
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PROFITABILITY: Income Marketplace is a platform that clearly defends the thesis that an investment with a moderate gross return and relatively low risk is worth more than an investment with a high annual interest rate but a very high risk, therefore it is positioned within  the range of conservative or defensive marketplaces. Even so, its initial profitability is very reasonable, currently being around 12% per year.

RISK:  As we mentioned before, risk minimization is one of the clear approaches of Income, which pursues this end through several mechanisms, which begin with the classic Buyback Guarantee of each of the Originators that publish in their marketplace and continues with novel strategies such as an expanded Skin in the Game of up to 40% for its originators (compared to 5% – 10% of other classic platforms such as Mintos, etc.) and the so-called Cashflow Buffer, which is a Income’s exclusive mechanism that allows to ensure payments to investors by managing the originator’s funds included in its expanded skin in the game and the returns from operations, which helps to minimize the risk of non-payment even in a situation of bankruptcy. one of the Originators.

CONFIDENCE: Income is still a relatively recent player in the crowd investment scene, and it needs to endorse in practice that commitment to security and transparency displayed on its website, but it certainly seems that in these first steps of his career is on the right track to achieve it.

DIVERSIFICATION: starts with the vocation of becoming an extremely diversified marketplace with the presence of multiple loan originators. Although it is true that at the moment its starting team includes only the Brazilian Clickcash and Danabijak from Singapore, its full international orientation is clear, we also know that in the coming weeks / months new signings will be added to this originator template.

LIQUIDITY: Income operations have a wide range of maturities, the supply of very short-term loans being abundant at the moment. In addition, the implementation of a secondary market is planned in the first half of 2024.

Income Marketplace P2P Review and Opinion

Income is a fresh and original proposal that learns from the mistakes of others in the past and brings good ideas to the classic formula of the crowdlending marketplace to increase investor safety and the transparency of operations. Of course, it is pending to evaluate its performance in the medium and long term, but it seems like a very good conceptual idea to start with and we will undoubtedly be happy to follow it from within as investing users. Advantages – Strong Points

➊ Cashflow Buffer mechanism to minimize risk of default due to bankruptcy of originators

➋ By far the platform that most Skin in the Game demands from its Originators

➌ Very varied international profile of the issuers of loans and benefits of profitability and term of very competitive operations, in line with the rest of the market crowd.

Weaknesses and Aspects to improve – Opinions

➊ The supply of Originators is still limited, although we know that they will add new companies shortly.

➋ Platform of relatively recent creation, without too long a history to evaluate its long-term performance.

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