BRICKSTARTER Opinions 2024 Review – Quality Tourist Apartments from 50 Euros

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Brickstarter is a young real estate crowdfunding company based in Estonia and with a Spanish management team with the clear objective of providing profitability to the investor with the acquisition, rental and subsequent sale of tourist homes and apartments.

They have as a strong point an expert management team and a focus on Big Data analysis that allows them to obtain the best opportunities based on the supply and demand of platforms such as AirBNB, Booking or HomeAway.

Do you want to know all the details of this Spanish investment crowdfunding platform? Take a look at our comprehensive MEGAReview!

First Steps in Brickstarter Crowdfunding

Registering on the Brickstarter real estate crowdfunding platform is a very simple process, which can be completed in just 2 minutes and only requires filling out the corresponding user registration form with personal data and email address.

Brickstarter Investor Requirements

+ Be of legal age.

+ Registration is open to citizens of any nationality

Steps in the account opening process

+ Fill in the registration questionnaire with our personal data

+ Confirm our email address

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Deposits. Available methods to deposit money and add funds in Brickstarter Valencia

+ Bank transfer (we will make a transfer from our bank to the account number specified by the platform and our balance will be updated in approximately 48 hours)

+ Payment by credit card (option is very useful, fast and comfortable since the update of our available funds is immediate)

How to Invest in Brickstarter 2024 – Review

Once we are registered in Brickstarter we will also be subscribed to their newsletter. In this newsletter they will notify us as soon as new investment projects are available on the platform.

All the investment in Brickstarter is done manually, without the need for the auto-investment function – nor is it necessary due to the manageable volume of opportunities.

In the “Properties” section we have at our disposal a catalog with all the options available to invest and the expected rate of return.

Later if we click on “View Property” it will take us to the detailed file of each real estate project, where we will be able to see all the information, including a very complete Market Study and select the amount to invest from 50 euros.

Site Ergonomics and Brick Starter Web Design

Brickstarter is a modern and easy to navigate website, with access to all relevant information in just a few clicks. None but its minimalist but effective design in facilitating the investment process for the user.

Buyback Guarantee Brickstarter

Like the vast majority of real estate crowdfunding platforms, Brick Starter does NOT have a buyback or buyback guarantee. It should be noted that this type of investment inherently has a higher type of protection than personal loans, etc. having a real estate property in between.

Invest in Tourist Apartments with Brickstarter Secondary Market

NOTE March 2020: The secondary market (marketplace) of Brickstarter is available to all investors!

Key Investment Parameters BrikStarter 2024

We will discuss below which are the most important variables to master in Brick Starter, between which values ​​they oscillate and what tips we recommend in each case . It should be borne in mind that numerous financial metrics are used on this platform that are not always entirely clear to ordinary mortals, so in this section we will try to explain them. 

➊ IRR (Internal Rate of Return)

The IRR takes into account all the expected sources of income (including rent and sales premium) and gives us a value of the expected net return if we reinvest the dividends for rent that the property generates. It is the global optimal value to compare some apartments with others. As a goal we should aim at a IRR as close as possible to 10% (or higher!)

➋ Gross Rental Profitability

They are the annual rental income -expressed as a percentage of the purchase price- that is received for that specific property. It is NOT an interesting magnitude because it is a gross return, to which the maintenance, legal, etc. costs must be discounted. of the property.

➌ Net Rental Profitability

It is the net profitability (deducting expenses and taxes from the gross profitability) generated by the rental of a certain property. To this profitability we will have to add that obtained in the capital gain of the sale -if applicable- to obtain the total net profitability.

➍ Cash on cash

“CoC” or “Cash on cash” is a very financial term used to express the net dividend yield that a certain shareholder that owns a certain share receives. In this case, since dividends are rental income, it coincides with the previous value (net rental yield).


ROE is the net financial return for the shareholder, and for the reasons explained in the previous point it is coincident with the cash on cash values ​​and the net rental profitability.

Brickstarter P2P annual profitability

Brickstarter is in the medium-high profitability range within P2P investments, with an average of around 10% net, which is a particularly good result for the real estate investment crowdfunding sector.

Brickstarter Pays 2024 – Cash Withdrawals

Brickstarter processes requests to withdraw money from our account very quickly, using the French payment gateway Lemon Way. There is no cost for this withdrawal, nor is there a minimum to carry out the transaction (we can even transfer euro cents to our bank account).

Brickstarter 2024 Review – Final Evaluation

Brickstarter is a great alternative to Housers that is much more focused on rentals and the tourism sector than the latter , truly capturing the original essence of real estate crowdfunding.

With a very friendly website, abundant information and a profitability that is more than attractive , the only point that weighs a bit on the final note is the – still – scarce offer of available flats and apartments, on the other hand logical considering the youth of the platform .

We really believe that in the medium term, Brikstarter can become a great P2P platform worthy of having in any diversified crowdlending portfolio, and right now they offer a very interesting account opening promotion.

Brickstarter Advantages – Strong Points

➊ Differentiation from other real estate crowdlending platforms due to its approach to tourist rental and its intensive use of Big Data.

➋ Attractive returns for the sector, around 10% and individual investments from 50 euros per project

➌ Attractive welcome promotion for new customers with our exclusive link

➍ The money invested in a project rents at 5% until the financing is completed … we will never have our money stopped!

Aspects to improve Brick Starter Crowdlending Real Estate

➊ The volume of apartments to invest is still not too high, which means it can sometimes cost to diversify.

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Brickstarter Forum

Do you want a space to share your experiences in Brickstarter with the rest of the community? Do you need a space to express your doubts, questions and questions about this investment platform? … Access the Brickstarter Forum now and leave your comment below .