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As if that were not enough, despite being a relatively new platform, they are currently offering one of the best products on the market with 13% short-term loans or 15% longer-term loans, all with a 60-day Buyback Obligation. and they have an ambitious plan to include new originators, geographies and investment products in their marketplace… Sounds interesting?… We have been one of the first to test this new platform, so… don’t miss our opinions right now and experiences in this MEGAreview!


P2P Loan Marketplace
(13% -> 15%)
(30 days -> 180 days)
10 euros
Direct Transfer (Kevin) + Bank Transfer

hive5 Review – Critical Performance Parameters Opinion and Analysis – Hexastar Chart

SECURITY: At the moment hive5, through its Originator Ekspres Pozyczka, focuses on offering us a selection of business loans and personal loans to invest, which always hAS the Buyback Obligation (BBO) of the Loan Originator at 60 days of principal and interest. In addition, there are a series of measures that reinforce this BBO, such as the implementation of a buffer of at least 10% of the company’s equity for cases of force majeure and strict risk control by the LO, including, depending on the case, instruments such as credit insurance, etc.

DIVERSIFICATION: Although hive5 has not yet deployed all the diversifying potential contemplated in its Roadmap and which will include multiple originators from various geographical areas as well as different asset classes to complement our portfolio, it does start with P2P loans and P2B loans with different horizons temporary and risk-return profile to choose from.

LIQUIDITY: Despite not incorporating any secondary market function or early exit for the moment, there is an abundance of short-term operations that potentially make our investment relatively liquid.

FUNCTIONALITY: The platform brings together the best of the simplicity, neatness and professionalism of the classic Baltic P2P platforms, very user-friendly and with all the information within reach of a couple of clicks. Its starting functions include a comfortable Autoinvest and control tools for our portfolio.

CUSTOMER SERVICE: The quality of the team behind hive5 is remarkable, both in the speed of service and in the detail of the responses and their high level of commitment and transparency. Absolutely nothing to object to in this section.

hi5 reviews

hive5 is Reliable or Not – Due Diligence Findings

*hive5 marketplace doo (“hive5”) is a company registered in the Republic of Croatia under registration number 081441259, with legal address Ulica Račkoga 8, Zagreb, Croatia.

*The platform belongs to the Hive finance Group, UAB with headquarters in Talent Garden Vilnius, Vilniaus g. 33, Vilnius, Lithuania and registration number 305941697, also the owner of Ekspres Pozyczka (Argentum Capital Sp. z ooul), the native Polish originator who inaugurates the roster of hive5, based at Konstruktorska 11 02-673 Warsaw.

hive5 opinion

*The founders of Hive Finance and its hive5 marketplace are Ricardas Vandzinskas and Andrius Rupšys , professionals with extensive international experience relevant to the project, as can be seen in their corresponding profiles.

Opinion hive5 P2P Review

From the first moment, the degree of maturity and planning behind hive5 is surprising , a P2P platform that not only has a great projection and future ahead, but also thanks to a selection of investment products that place it among the top of the market has arguments to be considered a real option for the present.

Advantages of hive5 – Strengths

1) Basal investment parameters (yield, time horizon,…) above the current market average.

2) Large professional team behind the project with clear leadership and vision of the future and recognized specific experience in the crowdlending sector in their key management positions.

3) NO commissions. Absolutely “0” commissions for the investor, just as we like at

4) Very accessible platform, with a very low minimum investment (10 euros), a very friendly interface and excellent Customer Service.

5) Project also for the future, with an interesting Roadmap that includes the entry of new originators, new geographies and new classes of assets, including real estate, positive impact investments, leasing, etc.

Weaknesses and Aspects to improve – Opinions hive5

1) Despite the interesting approach of the platform, the performance of its operations in the long term remains to be verified.

How to Start Investing with hive5 – First Steps

1) Registration and the first steps to start investing in hive5 are very simple and equivalent to what we can find in any other classic European crowd platform . It all starts with filling in the registration form and verifying our email.

hive5 enter

2) Next we must verify our identity, with the typical steps of providing screenshots of our ID or passport and taking a selfie. All this part is automated through Ondato, one of the usual partners in the KYC (Know Your Customer) processes, also used by other P2P platforms.

3) Later, the time will come to make our first contribution of funds, and we can do it in two ways: through a conventional bank transfer with the IBAN, data, etc. that will be provided to us or using Kevin, the Lithuanian payment provider authorized throughout Europe, with which we can order the transfer without leaving hive5, in a process very similar to what we are used to with Trustly, used by other European crowdlending platforms.

The fastest way is using a direct transfer with Kevin using one of the neo-banks like Revolut or N26, usually in just a matter of hours our money will be in our hive5 account. 

4) And… voila! Depending on the time at which we order the transfer, it will be credited to our account usually on the same day or the day after ordering it.

Investment Options

manual investment hive5

In the INVESTMENT tab of our main panel, we will see the two main options we have to invest in hive5: manual investment in loans of our choice from 10 euros per operation and automatic investment by configuring a simple Autoinvest tool . Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

Manual investment

hive finance reviews

Manual investment logically consists of the individualized selection of the specific loans in which we want to invest. The following information will be displayed on the screen to help us make our decisions:

1 – LOAN ID – This is the issuing country of the loan (currently Poland) and the sequential number that uniquely identifies each of the operations

2 – ORIGINATOR – This is the issuer of the loan in question, the Originator, also responsible for executing the Repurchase Obligation if necessary. Currently, hive5 has its native Originator Ekspres Pozyczka.

3 – LOAN TYPE – Here for the moment we will find business type loans (business) and personal type (personal). Business loans tend to be longer-term compared to personal ones, but they also offer higher interest rates.

4 – INTEREST – Annualized rate of return for the investor. Currently we have 15% for business and 13% for personal. We must remember that there are no commissions for the investor, so this percentage will be net, free of commissions.

5 – TERM – Expiration term of the operation expressed in DAYS

6 – AVAILABLE FOR INVESTMENT – Pending capital to be covered in an operation by investing users.

7 – INVEST – Once we decide the loan in which we want to invest, we will click here and enter the amount we want from 10 euros per operation.

Keep in mind that if you click on the Loan ID or on any other point of the loan line, you will access additional details, as the case may be, such as information about the borrower or the repayment schedule.

hi5 reviews

Automatic Investment (Auto-Invest)

autoinvest hive5

1 – We can access the auto-investment function in the INVESTMENT tab of our dashboard and then by selecting the AUTOMATED STRATEGIES option

2 – The first step will be to specify an identifier name (NAME) for our Autoinvest configuration, this is to differentiate it from other configurations in case we create several strategies. Keep in mind that we can see the status of all the strategies that we have configured in the INVESTMENT PORTFOLIO tab.

3 – In the PORTFOLIO SIZE field, we will indicate the amount of money that we want to allocate to this strategy: Autoinvest will automatically buy loans for us up to the specified amount.

4 – In INVESTMENT SIZE, we will specify the amount that we want to invest in EACH operation (loan) indicating the minimum and maximum amount.

5 – In ORIGINATORS we will indicate in which Originators we want to invest. Keep in mind that hive5 will soon be a multi-originator marketplace, but for the moment here we can specify if we want to invest in business loans, personal loans, or both.

6 – In LOAN TERM we will enter the minimum and maximum terms in which we are willing to invest, be careful, always indicating amounts in days, NOT months.

7 – Next we will confirm the strategy by clicking on the CREATE INVESTMENT PORTFOLIO button.

The hive5 RoadMap

Before concluding our MegaReview, it is worth taking a look at hive5’s future plans, since as we mentioned at the beginning of the article, we are not dealing with just another platform, but rather we are possibly dealing with one of the projects with the most resources and best planned in recent times, with a clear vocation to position itself as a main market player in the coming months, which will include more originators, more geographical spectrum and more asset classes, as we can see below

hive5 loans

hive5 Forum

Do you want to have a space to comment and share your doubts and experiences about this P2P loan platform?… … Look no further! Here below we have enabled the Hive 5 Forum so that you can express yourself and ask questions freely… Write us your comment!