IBAN WALLET Reviews 2020 – Investment Account

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Iban Wallet is an investment platform based in the United Kingdom and created in 2016 that offers fixed-term paid accounts as an end product for the investor . We have to understand in any case that these fixed-term accounts are not traditional bank accounts or deposits covered by the corresponding Deposit Guarantee Fund but investment accounts that invest in different automated crowdlending products with various guarantees to offer these returns to his clients.

In this review we share all our opinions about this platform as investors… Do not miss it!

IbanWallet Crowdlending Critical Performance Parameters

Iban Wallet in the entry plans (2.5% account) stands out for its LIQUIDITY – in principle fully available without penalty – as well as the relatively low RISK – always speaking in relative terms within the crowdlending sector – being the investments protected by a triple safety net composed of Buyback + Collateral + Safeguard Trust (a kind of provision fund in case all else fails).

Its weak point is undoubtedly the PROFITABILITY, quite low even in the most profitable plans (6%) compared with the average of the sector in which it operates (approximately 10% on average in the European crowdlending sector).

Iban What it is and how it works – Crowdlending Investment Account

Iban Wallet is an investment account that works as an investment management service that grants us a previously agreed interest by investing for us in a set of crowdlending platforms.

This system has its advantages and disadvantages. Among its PROs we have delegated management, comfort, immediate liquidity and security pluses, which are undoubtedly more than enough to encourage many investors to try Iban , but it is also true that low profitability and lack of control over what happens in this “black box” can be perceived as an obstacle by other investors.

The operation of Iban is extremely simple, and we can open our account with them in less than 5 minutes by filling out a simple questionnaire and verifying our identity with an accrediting document such as ID and Passport. Then, all we will have to do is a first contribution by transfer or credit card and choose one of the plans that are presented to us, being the barrier of entry only one euro.

Iban Wallet Account Reviews

Probably the most attractive product of Iban is the standard IBAN Account, with the advantages of investments from one euro, calculation and daily payment of compound interest and immediate liquidity 

Opinion IBANWALLET – Investment in Simplified P2P

“ IBAN Wallet can be an interesting alternative for the investor who seeks to obtain additional profitability for his money without complicating life, with the added advantages of instant liquidity and probably greater security compared to other P2P products. The veteran crowdlending investor, however, may not find compelling reasons to invest here except as a liquidity bridge while looking for another more profitable platform. ”

Iban Walet Fintech – Strengths

➊ Investment accessible to all, easy to understand from just 1 euro.

➋ Total availability and liquidity in the Iban account

➌ Triple safety net in your products (Buyback + Collateral + Trust Fund)

Weaknesses and aspects to improve – Iban Wallet Reviews 

➊ Low returns in the P2P and crowdlending sector

Iban Online Ltd FCA

Iban Online Limited (parent of the Iban Wallet Review App) is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority in the United Kingdom with registration number 804103 as a representative of Resolution Compliance Limited.

iban limited fca

Iban Wallet App

The Ibanwallet interface stands out for its clarity, simplicity and ease of use, being a native mobile application, although perfectly accessible also from a desktop computer.

Iban Wallet Forum

Do you want to have a space to comment and share your doubts and experiences about this investment platform?… Look no further! Here below we enable the Iban Wallet Forum so you can express yourself and ask freely… Write your comment! 🙂