WISEFUND Opinions 2020 Review – High Yield Crowdlending up to 22%

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WiseFund Capital is a new Estonian high profitability crowdlending platform that expands the range of options we currently have to invest in crowdinvesting, contributing winning elements from the first day as returns of up to 22%, Buyback Guarantee in all its operations, investments from just 10 euros, interest from day one or statistics and profiles of its management team published on the web from day one.

We have been pioneers in testing it in Europe and in this MEGAreview we tell you our impressions and all the information you are looking for … are you ready? 🙂

Wisefund is a new high profitability crowdlending platform that conveys the feeling of wanting to do things right from the beginning. With very high returns, very complete functionality and a great commitment to transparency – even being aware that it is a newly created company – it is difficult to resist its charms
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What is WiseFund.eu Statistics and Global Data

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Wisefund Capital OÜ is a business crowdfunding company with registration in Estonia that began its journey in March 2019 , accumulating today – despite its youth – almost 300 active investors receiving an average close to 19% net return.

First Steps in Wise Fund

wisefund sign up

Registration in Wisefund is a very simple process, similar to that of other crowdinvesting platforms that will not take us more than a few minutes and includes the following steps:

➊ Fill in the initial investor registration form.

➋ Confirm the email address by clicking on the corresponding email.

➌ Provide proof of identity to carry out the verification (including ID or passport and selfie photography).

➍ Make the first contribution of funds by bank transfer.

Requirements to create an investor account on Wise Fund.eu

+ Be of legal age

+ Registration is open to citizens of ALL European nationalities.

Deposits How to add funds to our Wise-fund account

Contributions can be made by bank transfer. Specifically, Wisefund works with the Hungarian bank OTP Bank Plc and, once our identity has been verified, in our account they will provide us with the account number and identifier to make our contributions.

Wisefund Promo Code – New Users Bonus

Wisefund currently offers a very attractive promotion for new investors who want to try the platform, consisting of a 0.5% cashback of EVERYTHING you invest during the first 270 days of your registration. To access this promotion, you simply have to register from HERE .

How Wisefund OU Commissions Works

Wisefund is a “0.0” platform, with absolutely NO commission for the investor, just as we like it here and as it should be on ALL platforms 🙂

How to Invest in Wisefund Ltd. in 2020

In WiseFund, similar to the vast majority of crowd-investing platforms, we can invest MANUALLY by selecting the projects that interest us most from just 10 euros per operation . Next we will take a look at the parameters that define the operations published in your marketplace.

Investment Manual Analysis Wise Fund – Most Important Parameters

wisefund projects

In the BROWSE PROJECTS section of our control panel, we can see at a glance all the projects available on the platform to invest, as well as an overview of its most significant data, including:

➊ Status

Here we will see mainly two states: FUNDED, which means that the project has already been funded and is in the process of amortization and FUNDING, which are currently open projects for investment.

➋ Interest Rate

In Wisefund we can find the most interesting annualized returns, with averages close to 19% and maximums around 22%

➌ Loan Term

One of the great advantages in Wisefund is also that most of its operations are usually short-term – less than one year -, with an average in the environment of only 6 months.

➍ View Project

By clicking on this button we will access the project detail sheet, where we can indicate the amount we want to invest -from 10 euros- as well as access more information, including:

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➎ Buy-Back Guarantee

The projects marked with this shield and green tick – the vast majority – are protected by the Wisefund Buyback or Buyback Guarantee, which covers 100% of the invested capital and is activated 60 days after default.

➏ Investors

Number of users who have already invested in this project.

➐ Interest Paid

Periodicity with which interest is paid. In Wisefund it is usually monthly, with the return of capital at the end of the operation.

➑ Invest Now 

By clicking on this button we will go to the final screen in which we will specify the amount we want to invest (from 10 euros), we will accept the terms and conditions and confirm the operation … Everything is ready!

Wise Fund How Autoinvest Works (Automatic Investment) – Step by Step Tutorial and Configuration

The platform has no Autoinvest function. Although it is always an interesting function, like most crowdinvest pages, Wisefund has a perfectly manageable volume of opportunities in manual mode, which is why we do not consider this lack a priority.

Wisefund Secondary Market and Liquidity

Wisefund does not have a secondary market as such, but offers the possibility of making the investment in a project liquid in advance by contacting Customer Service and paying a small penalty that will be specified depending on the project.

Buyback Guarantee Wisefund Buyback

Wisefund offers a Repurchase Guarantee in all its projects, which covers 100% of the capital invested in the event of default and is activated after 60 days from the date of payment. 

Apart from this, interests of defaulted loans are covered using a Provision Fund that Wisefund keeps using part of the fees from the borrowers.

Wisfund originators

Wisefund puts lenders directly in contact with borrowers, without the figure of the Originator or any other intermediate part beyond the platform itself.

Wisefund Pays – Cash Withdrawals

Wisefund allows us to withdraw our available balance at any time and from one euro, without charging any type of commission to the investor . Usually withdrawals are processed quickly and in one or two business days we will have the money back in our bank account.

Is Wisefund Capital OÜ safe? Risks and Regulation

wisefund is safe

Wisefund is a company registered in Estonia since March 2019, with registration number 14675782 subject to the commercial laws of Estonia and Europe.

Like the rest of the platforms in crowdinvesting, investing in Wisefund projects can be a very profitable activity, but not without risks, some of which we indicate below:

Lack of Liquidity Risk

In crowdlending platforms, lack of liquidity is always one of the factors that we must take into account when investing. Wise-fund does not have a secondary market to sell our shares to other users, but in return it presents a direct sales mechanism to the platform that can be requested in each project by writing an email to Support.

Risk of non-payment of loans by borrowers

The risk of default by borrowing companies is one of the main risks that investors face in crowdinvesting platforms. In the case of Wisefund, according to its FAQ and T&C, each project has a Buyback Guarantee that covers 100% of our amount invested and would be activated 60 days after default.

Bankruptcy Risk of one of the Originators

In Wisefund there are no Originators, so this risk is not applicable.

Platform Bankruptcy Risk

There is no explicit mention in the FAQ or in the T&C.

Ergonomics Wisefund Capital Web and Reports

The Wisefund website is very simple to use, with great simplicity and clarity in the presentation, being suitable to navigate even for the most novice in the world of crowdlending.

If we carry out the study of distance in clicks for the most common operations that we usually carry out, we obtain the following results:

★★★★ 4 clicks to invest in one of the loans.

★★ 2 clicks to see the status of one of the loans in which we have invested.

★★ 2 clicks to withdraw money.

Which is in the average of the crowdlending platforms analyzed.

Wisefund Real Expected Annual Profitability

✰ Wisefund has an average gross return of approximately 19% , depending on the specific opportunity.

✰ It does not present management fees, or any other type of commissions, so there are no losses in this regard.

✰ A substantial decrease in long-term defaults is not expected.

✰ The estimated annual average net profitability, therefore, is a 19% base minus (0)% of losses and commissions = 19% annual net for a well diversified long-term portfolio , which is well above the average platform Crowdlending evaluated on this website.

Wisefund Capital – Tax Withholding 

Wisefund does NOT practice any withholding of interest earned on its platform. It is our responsibility to declare them in Annual Income Statement. Remember that crowdlending interests are taxed as movable capital yield. If in doubt, please consult with a tax advisor.

Wisefund P2P Lending – Contact Information and Customer Service

wisefund email

Wisefund has physical offices in Tallinn, Estonia and a contact email for the investor that is support@wisefund.eu, in addition to a telephone that they will attend during office hours in English which is +37256077639

In our experience, Wisefund staff answers queries quickly in an efficient and professional manner.

The Team behind the Company

wisefund olga bobrova

Wisefund has a solvent team of professionals who contribute their experience, talent and expertise to bring to fruition each of the published projects. Led by Olga Bobrova, Founder of Wisefund Capital and Rinald Ters, CEO and Director of Development, the team consists of:

  • OLGA BOBROVA – Founder of the Project
  • RINALD TIERS – CEO and Business Director
  • INGUS LINKEVICS – Director of Marketing, Legal Department and Operations
  • DIANA OZOLINA – Customer Service
  • GEORGIJS BODONENKO – Director of Technology
  • DMITRIJS GAMAJUNOVS – Director of Relations

There are currently no corporate videos about Wisefund Capital Ltd.

Is Wisefun reliable? Opinion Forums, Networks, Aggregators …

There are currently no relevant opinions about Wisefund.

We will update this section with the most relevant comments reported by users.

Our Personal Investment Strategy in Wisefund

✰ Diversification is the key: We will take advantage of the low minimum investment and the offer of opportunities of the platform to distribute our capital in the maximum possible number of projects – even at the cost of sacrificing profitability – and thus not concentrating all our investment in a single or a few operations.

Wisefund 2020 Opinion – Final Conclusion

Wisefund is a new high profitability crowdlending platform that conveys the feeling of wanting to do things right from the beginning. With very high returns, very complete functionality and a great commitment to transparency – even being aware that it is a newly created company – it is difficult to resist its charms

Advantages of Wisefund – Strengths

➊ Very high net returns even for a sector of high profitability per se such as Crowdinvesting.

➋ All projects with Buyback coverage (Buyback Guarantee) for 100% of the amount invested + interests from the Provision Fund

➌ Investments from just 10 euros per project.

➍ High level of transparency of the platform from day one, with statistics and profile of the managers on the website.

Weaknesses and aspects to improve

➊ Wisefund is a young company that is increasing its client and investor base. The performance of its long-term operations remains to be verified.

Alternatives to Wisefund Review

More than alternatives, we must take some of the sister pages of Wisefund as excellent complements for it, all of them Estonian platforms of crowdinvesting of high profitability: Envestio, Crowdestor, Kuetzal, Monethera and TFG Crowd, all accessible through the search engine or the menu of our website.

Wisefund Forum

Do you want to have a space to comment and share your doubts and experiences about this Estonian crowdinvesting platform?… Look no further! Here below we enable the Wisefund Forum so you can express yourself and ask freely… Write us your comment! 🙂