WINEFORTUNE Opinions 2024 – Investing in Wine Review

WineFortune is an original platform that allows us to invest in fine wines from around the world, an asset that has not only proven its uncorrelated diversifying value in the past, but has on average obtained no less than a 270% revaluation in the last two decades (13.5% annualized performance), even surpassing the famous American SP500. Without a doubt a unique proposal that at the very least deserves a closer look, so…

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Alternative Investments (Fine Wine)
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WineFortune Review – Critical Performance Parameters Opinion and Analysis – Hexastar Chart

PROFITABILITY: During the last two decades, the fine wine market has demonstrated a stable trend of attractive performance, making it a more than interesting option, not only at the diversification level, but also at the pure level of profitability. If we compare the benchmark index, the Liv-ex 1000 with gold and stocks, the returns are comparable, the differentiating factor being volatility. Good wines exhibit greater stability compared to other more conventional investments.

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SAFETY:  At WineFortune we own the physical assets we purchase – in this case, wine bottles – which are safely guarded by the company in specialized vaults. Furthermore, for the selection of wines, objective criteria are taken into consideration, such as the evaluations of specialized critics – which have a direct impact – on the assessment and appreciation of the wine over time. We will always have at our disposal all the data and expert guidance to make the safest decisions in accordance with our interests.

DIVERSIFICATION: As we have mentioned, investing in quality wines is a form of alternative investment uncorrelated with traditional assets, and only this fact and the limited – or non-existent – availability of this asset class on other platforms makes its attractiveness. Furthermore, internally, within WineFortune we will have dozens of wines and several different investment modalities to diversify our portfolio to our liking.

LIQUIDITY: In its different investment modalities, WineFortune is a relatively liquid platform in which we can sell our shares in the fund or sell our bottles of wine in the secondary market enabled for this purpose.

FUNCTIONALITY: With an agile and intuitive interface, auto-investment functions and secondary market, the platform stands out above the competition from the very beginning.

CUSTOMER SERVICE: With an excellent team of professionals at the controls of the platform and a customer-oriented approach from the first moment, without a doubt customer / user service is one of WineFortune’s strong points.

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Is WineFortune Trustworthy or Not – Due Diligence Findings… Is it safe?

*WineFortune is the trading name of the company LeVinum OÜ , with registration number Reg. nr 14452527 and address at Telliskivi tn 60a/5, Põhja-Tallinna linnaosa, 10412 Tallinn, Harju maakond, Estonia.

*The company’s corporate purpose includes the following: Other financial service activities, except insurance and pension funding nec within the global category of FINANCIAL AND INSURANCE ACTIVITIES, which is consistent with the activity developed by the WineFortune platform.

*Risto Kaljurand appears in the records as the head of the platform, being the co-founder and CEO of the platform. We also found the following team of professionals at WineFortune:

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*WineFortune is licensed by a Financial Institution EAR license no. 20220919-565511. It is also registered with the Estonian Financial Authority as a Small Alternative Fund Manager since September 2022 and is a certified member of the largest B2B premium wine platform

*With the information collected, there is no reason to think that WineFortune is a scam.

Opinion WineFortune Crowdfunding Review

We had been tracking the fine wine sector as an investment for some time without the luck of having found a platform that convinced us to date. Fortunately, WineFortune, well executed, with several accessible investment options and with a solid team behind it, has arrived on the market to turn the tables and establish itself as a reference platform in this sector. If you are interested in alternative investments and/or in the world of wines, this is undoubtedly a website to take a look at!

Advantages of WineFortune – Strong Points

1) Access to a very rare asset class with high diversification and performance potential: fine wines.

2) Trusted, regulated platform, with transparent practices and a solid management team behind it.

3) Different ways to invest in wine even with very little initial capital: from investment through the fund to subscription to a basket of wines to the precision of the secondary market.

Weaknesses and Aspects to take into account

1) Tracking record is still limited due being a relatively young platform

WineFortune Forum

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