VIVENTOR Opinions 2020 Review

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Viventor is a Latvian marketplace of loans created at the end of 2015, around the same time as other illustrious examples of Baltic crowdlending such as Mintos or Twino, which sums up the philosophy of the Latvian P2P lending: high profitability in loans with Buyback .

Indeed, with an important list of originators (14 different) and countries (6 different) from which to choose and returns up to 12% , Viventor is a good off-road platform to diversify our portfolio, and a fixed component of the most veteran Crowdlenders , that we have been trusting in this platform for more than 3 years.

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Viventor may not be the perfect platform, but overall it represents a very solid asset that we should consider including in our portfolio. Ideal as diversification for those who like off-road platforms such as Mintos and company…

What is Viventor Statistics and Global Data

vivetor crowdlending

With more than 5,000 investors and more than 60 million euros of volume financed total, Viventor has accumulated in these 3 years of life really remarkable figures that attest to the good work and the interest generated by the company.

With good returns according to the market average and an immense majority of transactions issued with Buyback or Guaranteed Payment, this marketplace is undoubtedly a good asset in any global investment portfolio in P2P loans.

First Steps in Viventor

viventor sign up

The registration in Viventor follows the standard guidelines of other crowdlending platforms, with the steps of filling out a previous questionnaire, confirming the email, uploading verification documents and making the first contribution of funds. No complications, in less than 5 minutes we should be ready to make the initial transfer.

Requirements to create an investor account in Viventor

+ Be of legal age (over 18 years).

Registration is open to citizens who have a bank account in Europe. Other nationalities can also invest, but they must write previously to Viventor at

Steps to Open an Account in Viventor Crowlending

➊ Fill in the initial registration form.

➋ Confirm our email address.

➌ Upload DNI / Passport (identity verification documents).

➍ Make the first transfer by bank deposit.

Deposits How to add funds to our Viventor account

Viventor admits income through bank transfer. Work with the Swedish online bank Swedbank, and provide us with an account number and a concept to make the transfer. In one or two business days we will see our reflected balance and we can start investing.

Viventor Affiliate Program – Promo Code

Sometimes, for a limited time, Viventor takes out cashback promotions for new investors for which they give you a small bonus if you register and invest a minimum amount of money in the marketplace. Right now there is no promotion of this style available. We will notify you as soon as it is ready again.

How Viventor Works Commissions

Viventor is a “0.0” platform, WITHOUT commissions : it has no management, maintenance, deposit or withdrawal fees, so all the basic functions are free for investors.

How to Invest in Viventor in 2020

Viventor is a very complete platform, in which we can invest both MANUALLY in its primary market or in its secondary market from 10 euros per transaction, as AUTOMATICALLY based on the criteria we indicate in its Auto-Invest program.

Manual Investment Viventor Analysis – Most Important Parameters

invest viventor

Then we will discuss some of the most important parameters that define each of the operations published in Viventor:

➊ Originator

Viventor has a good handful of credit institutions among which to diversify our investment. We will talk about them later, but in principle we want to distribute our capital among different credit entities.

➋ Type of loan

vivetor loan type

Viventor specializes in consumer loans and personal loans, but in the fund there are 6 different types of loans among which we can choose. We comment them briefly below:


Loans with mortgage guarantee. In principle they are safer than consumer loans and personal loans, because there is a property or property that supports them.


Typical personal loan that of duration and high average amount without more guarantee than the personal of the borrower.


In line with the crowdfactoring, it is a credit that is offered in exchange for bill collecting rights of the borrowing company.


Business loan, usually with less risk than a personal loan and lower potential return.


Similar or equivalent to a credit card: variable amount of cash available for the borrower to spend what he needs. Equivalent to a personal loan.


Short-term loan insured with gold, jewelry or any other asset pledged by the borrower.

➌ Interest Rate 

In Viventor interest rates vary from 8% to approximately 12%. As long as they have Buyback or Guaranteed Payments and while they allow us to maintain a sufficient diversification, we must aspire to those who have a 10% or more profitability, given that there is sufficient supply.

➍ Term 

The term expresses the number of months the operation lasts (the number in parentheses are the months that remain). In Viventor there is a great variability: from just 1 month to 5 years or even more, so if you think that liquidity may be relevant for you and you do not want to depend on the secondary market, keep the deadlines in mind.

➎ LTV (Loan To Value)

In secured loans -such as mortgages- the LTV is a ratio that compares the loan amount with the value of the asset presented as collateral. The lower the LTV, the better, the safer the operation.

➏ Buyback Guarantee

Before investing in a Viventor operation, look at whether a black shield appears inside the yellow “INVEST” button that we will use to confirm the operation. If that shield appears, the loan comes with a Buyback Guarantee and will return capital and interest in case there are incidents with the payment. We will talk more in depth about the Buyback in Viventor later.

➐ Additional Details

If we click on INVEST before investing, we will have the opportunity to take a look at much more detailed information about the borrower and the repayment schedule among other things as we show in this example.

loan viventor

Viventor How Autoinvest Works (Automatic Investment) – Step by Step Tutorial and Configuration

viventor auto-invest

Viventor has a very simple auto-reverse function to configure, which we show you below so that you can start it in 14 steps.

➊ Click on the AUTOINVEST tab of our Dashboard.

➋ We name our Portfolio with the name we want.

➌ We specify the maximum capital that will be managed by this Auto-Invest.

➍ We indicate the maximum amount that we wish to invest in each operation.

➎ In the interest rate, taking into account that later we will indicate that we only invest in loans with Buyback, we are going to request a minimum return of 10%.

➏ In our case, the term does not constitute an entry barrier for loans, because in case of needing liquidity we can always sell it in the secondary market, so we leave all the possible terms selected.

➐ The LTV (Loan to Value) is not a criterion too relevant for us because we are going to invest only in loans with Buyback.

➑ Here we select the types of operations in which we want to invest. Unless you have some specific reason, we recommend leaving all selected to maximize diversification.

➒ Here we select the status of the loans in which we are going to invest. We recommend leaving only the CURRENT option, that is, the loans that are up to date with their payment obligations.

➓ In this section we will select the countries in which we want to invest, again, for reasons of diversification, we recommend leaving all activated.

➊➊ As in the previous point, in Credit Originators, we recommend keeping everyone selected to diversify as much as possible.

➊➋ We arrived at one of the most important points of the configuration, since here we must specify if we wish to invest only in loans with Buyback or Guaranteed Payment or in any type of loans. It will be the decision of each investor, but many Viventor users choose only operations with a Buyback or Guaranteed Payment Guarantee.

➊➌ Given the option to invest in loans in which we have already invested, we will indicate NO to increase the diversification.

➊➍ Finally, we will accept the conditions and activate the Autoinvest by clicking on the corresponding yellow button.

Secondary Market and Liquidity Viventor

secondary market viventor

Viventor has a vibrant secondary market with endless loans and opportunities to explore, with an offer that at times doubles or triples that of the primary market.

The secondary market, in addition to providing opportunities to trade loans to the most experienced users, is also a great tool to increase the liquidity of our investments , since at any time we can offer any of our loans for sale at the price that indicate without any cost.

Buyback Viventor Buyback Guarantee

Viventor offers Buyback or Repurchase Guarantee in many of the operations that it publishes (although NOT in all, take it into account when investing manually or setting the Auto-Invest).

In this platform the Buyback is automatically activated at 30, 60 or 90 days after the default -depending on the originator- and returns both the invested capital and the interest due.

Originators Viventor Crowfunding

Viventor has a total of 15 credit originators, which provides the marketplace with a wide variety of geographies and operations to choose from.


credisimo viventor

Credit institution specializing in consumer loans in Bulgaria, which has been operating since 2007, with 5% of treasury stock, yields between 10-11% and Repurchase Guarantee that is activated at 60 days.


twinero opinions

Twinero is a consumer credit entity that operates in Spain since 2012, with a percentage of Skin in the Game of 5%, profitability between 10% and 12% and Buyback that is activated to 60 days.

Atlantis Financiers

atlantis financiers opinions

Atlantis is a company from the Netherlands that operates in the Netherlands and Belgium since 2012, with a percentage of treasury stock of 5%, profitability between 6% and 14% and Repurchase Guarantee that is activated at 90 days.

smscredit reviews

SMSCredit is an originator of Lithuania, which has been operating since 2012 in the sector of short-term consumer loans, with 5% of treasury shares, 12% returns and Buyback to 60 days.


lenno reviews

Lenno is a Bulgarian operating credit company since 2012 and specializes in home equity loans. It has 5% of Skin in the Game in its operations, yields between 7% and 10% and a Buyback that is activated in 60 days.


seymour and hynes

Operates in Spain since 2014 offering loans with collateral as collateral, with 5% treasury stock, returns between 6 and 9% and repurchase guarantee that is activated at 60 days.

Aforti Finance

aforti finance reviews

Aforti is a Polish originator that has been granting loans to SMEs since 2011, they have a 5% skin on the game, returns between 7% and 12% and a Buy-back Guarantee that is activated at 60 days.


presto reviews

Presto is an originator of Spain founded in 2017, specializing in consumer loans. Your% of treasury stock is 5%, your range of profitability ranges from 10% to 12% and currently offers your loans with Guaranteed Payment.


get bucks reviews

Getbucks is an originator from Kenya that specializes in loans with endorsement, and that offers a 12% return with Buyback to 60 days and a treasury of 5%.

Sofia Commerce Pawnshops

sofia comerce pawnshops reviews

Sofia Commerce is a chain of pawn loans founded in 1993, which offers in Viventor loans between 7 and 10% profitability with a Skin in the game of 5% and a Buyback that is activated to 60 days.

stikcredit opinions

Stik Credit is a Bulgarian consumer credit institution created in 2013 that in Viventor publishes operations at 10% – 13% profitability, with 5% treasury stock and Buyback activation at 60 days.

Aforti Factor

aforti factor reviews

Aforti Factor is a new crowdfactoring company established in Poland at the beginning of 2018. In Viventor it offers 11% and 12% transactions with 5% of treasury stock and Repurchase Guarantee that is activated at 60 days of non-payment.

Kreditu Centras

kreditucentras lithuania

Kreditu Centras, founded in 2009, is one of the leaders of consumer credit in Lithuania, offering between 9% and 11% profitability in the marketplace, treasury stock of 5% and Buyback to 60 days.


ibacar opinions

Ibancar is a Spanish originator emerged in 2014 that offers loans backed by vehicles in Spain. It offers returns between 9% and 10%, with 5% of treasury stock and Buyback at 60 days.

Moment Credit

MomentCredit is an originator of Lithuania created in 2009 and specialized in short-term loans. In Viventor offers returns of 11% with 5% of Skin on the Game and Repurchase Guarantee that is activated to 90 days.

Viventor Crowdlending Cash Withdrawals

Viventor quickly processes cash withdrawals from our investment account. We can withdraw from a euro cent without any cost, and normally we will have our money back in our bank account in one or two business days.

Is Viventor SIA safe? Risks and Regulation

Viventor LLC is a company based in Riga Latvia and registration number 40103920304 , registered since August 2015, and subject to the laws of Latvia and the European Union.

Despite being a company with a track record and history and unblemished to date, we must be aware that our investment in Viventor, as in the rest of crowdlending platforms in addition to attractive profitability, presents a series of risks. We comment the most important ones below:

Risk of lack of liquidity of the invested capital

As in any crowdlending platform, our capital will usually be blocked until the conclusion of the corresponding operation, which can vary from a few days to several years depending on the specific loan in which we have invested.

To mitigate this risk, in Viventor there is a secondary market in which we can sell our shares and investments to other users , which greatly increases the liquidity of the investment if necessary.

In any case, we must be aware that the secondary market is subject to the laws of supply and demand, and that our holdings may take some time to sell or that they are not sold at the price we want initially.

Risk of non-payment of loans by borrowers

One of the main risks of P2P investments is the risk of default by borrowers, which can lead to delays and loss of interest or capital.

Viventor combats this risk in the following ways:

✮ Careful selection of the originators of your Marketplace, which are the entities that publish operations and loans for users to invest.

✮ Requirement that each Originator keep a minimum of 5% of each loan published as Auto-portfolio or Skin in the Game, in order to align their objectives with those of investors.

✮ And … above all: presence of Buyback Guarantee or Payment Guarantee in most of the loans, which virtually eliminates this risk in operations except extreme situations (as in the case of bankruptcy of an originator ).

Bankruptcy risk of one of the Originators

Although it is a truly unlikely event, it is NOT impossible for any of the credit Originators that publish their loans in Viventor bankruptcy, in which case the corresponding Repurchase Guarantees could be affected.

To avoid this situation, Viventor chooses only the Originators that have exceeded their quality criteria, and still requires them to maintain 5% of all loans in Treasury Stock.

Ergonomics Viventor P2P Web and Reports

Viventor has a truly intuitive and easy-to-use website, which puts at your disposal, in a few clicks, all the functions to invest and manage our portfolio.

If we carry out the study that we usually carry out about how many clicks are necessary to perform some of the most basic actions in the platform, we obtain the following results:

★ 3 clicks to invest in one of the loans

★ 3   clicks to see the status of one of the projects in which we have invested

★ 3 clicks to withdraw money

Which is within the normal parameters of crowdlending platforms.

It should be noted as a negative point that the page is still NOT translated into Spanish, although its operation is intuitive and similar to other crowdlending in which we are accustomed to invest.

Viventor Real Annual Lifetime Expected

✰ Viventor presents a gross return on the average of the market for loan repayment loans, around 10 %.

✰ DOES NOT present any service fee, so you do not lose commission fees.

✰ Most of your loans come with a Buyback Guarantee or Guaranteed Payments, which should not lose profitability due to delays and defaults.

✰ The estimated annual average net profitability, therefore, is 10% base minus 0% of losses = 10% net annual for a well-diversified portfolio in the long term, which is on the average of other similar crowdlending platforms at present.

Viventor Taxation – Tax Retention and Taxation

Viventor does NOT practice withholdings on the interest charged on the platform. All our profits will be gross, with what we must declare and pay for our benefits in the Annual Income Tax Return (currently 19% up to 6,000 euros).

In case of doubts, consult a tax advisor.

Viventor P2P Lending – Contact Information and Customer Service

viventor free phone

Viventor has an excellent Customer Service Center, with its exclusive attention telephone number for investors ( +37166055500 ) operating from 9 to 19 during working hours. Your contact email is , and in addition to its offices in Riga it is a very active platform on Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter.

The Team behind the Company

alexis andersons

Aleksis Andersons is the Managing Director and the visible head of the team led by Viventor, a solid and experienced group that contributes all its good work to the development of the platform and the business model it supports.

Viventor Opinion Forocoches, Rankia … Is Viventor safe?

viventor is safe

Viventor has a very good reputation in the community of European and Spanish investors, with generally very favorable reviews that praise its simplicity of use and the Repurchase Guarantee with which it accompanies most of its loans.

There are hardly any negative comments to review. The most recurrent is perhaps its comparison with Mintos and how it has more diversity of originators and operations to invest.

Our Personal Investment Strategy in Viventor

▷ AUTOINVEEST: With the great offer that exists in this marketplace, manual inversion does not make sense except for very specific cases, we always use the Autoinvert function.

▷ OBJECTIVE – HIGH PROFITABILITY: We filter and discard in the Autoinvest all the loans with base profitability of less than 10%.

▷ ONLY GUARANTEED LOANS IN CURRENT STATE: Again, due to the existing high supply, we believe that it does not make sense to invest in Viventor in loans WITHOUT Buyback or Payment Guarantee, so we choose loans that have one of these two protections, and that are also up to date payments

▷ ALL COUNTRIES, TYPES AND ORIGINATORS: In addition to the commented filters, in principle we do NOT filter by any other parameter.

▷ REINVESTMENT OF INTEREST: We are interested in maximizing our long-term capital, so we leave a portfolio size managed by the Autoinvest sufficient to reinvest the interest generated by the loans in buying new loans in the platform.

Opinion Viventor 2020 – Final Conclusion

Viventor may not be the perfect platform, but overall it represents a very solid asset that we should consider including in our portfolio. Ideal as diversification for those who like off-road platforms such as Mintos and company …

And the formula of a marketplace with thousands of loans and dozens of originators in which to invest with a Buyback Guarantee is, without a doubt, a winning horse, and more with the Auto-Invest filters that will allow us to exclude and maintain at least the least profitable operations.

Join us and register with Viventor using this exclusive link and you will get totally FREE our guide with more than 50 platforms to invest in crowdlending and P2P in 2020 , as well as free premium assistance by email for any questions that may arise during your investment in this platform … Cheer up!

Advantages of SIA VIVENTOR – Strengths

➊ Great variety of operations in your marketplace, with 15 different originators and investments from 10 euros per loan.

➋ Most loans are issued with Buyback or Guaranteed Payments.

➌ Very good secondary market in which we can obtain liquidity for our investments.

Weaknesses and Aspects to improve

➊ Acceptable returns, but can be improved with respect to the competition, with averages around 10% and maximums around 12%.

Alternatives to Viventor Review

Viventor is an excellent complement to most of the pages we have covered … Being an all-terrain page that can be adapted to practically any need, from specialists in short-term loans to fans of the Buyback and the Repurchase Guarantee.

Maybe nowadays Mintos, Grupeer, Fast Invest and IUVO, to give some examples, beat Viventor in terms of average profitability, but Viventor is more veteran than most, and for the sake of diversity it can add a lot of value to our portfolio.

Viventor Forum

Do you want to have a space to comment and share your doubts and experiences about this Latvian crowd-based platform? … Look no further, here below we enable the Viventor Forum so you can express yourself and ask freely … Write us your comment! 🙂