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Reinvest24 is an Estonian Real Estate crowdfunding platform created in 2018 that follows a business model based on the generation of rental income , offering real estate investment opportunities aimed at obtaining profitability through capital gain and rental of properties, being mostly properties located in strategic locations in Tallinn, the Estonian capital, although in recent times it has expanded its operations to numerous countries, including the opening of a branch in Spain.

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Real Estate Crowdfunding
24 months
100 euros
Wire transfer

What is Reinvest 24 Statistics and Global Data

Despite having launched the website in 2018, Reinvest24 has been operating since 2017, having successfully financed dozens of real estate projects that to date have provided an average of 14.8% net profitability to its investors (taking into account both returns for rent as capital gains for the sale of real estate).

Behind Reinvest24 is a strong management team, with experience in the real estate sector since 2005 and led by Tanel Orro, a renowned real estate asset manager who has worked for many years at LHV, one of the leading banks in Estonia.

First Steps in Reivest24

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Registration with Reinvest24 is extremely easy and consists of filling in a short initial form, confirming the email address, uploading a proof of identity (ID or Passport), waiting for their approval (usually in less than 24 hours) and making the first deposit by Bank transfer.

Requirements to create an investor account at Re-Invest24

+ Be of legal age (over 18 years).

The registration is open for any country.

Steps to Open an Account in Reinvest 24

➊ Fill in the short account opening questionnaire.

➋ Confirm the email by clicking on the message we will receive from Reinvest24 (check your spam inbox!).

➌ Upload proof of identity verification (Passport or National Identity Card) and wait for its approval, usually within 24 hours.

➍ Make the first contribution of funds by bank transfer.

Deposits How to add funds to our Reinvest24 Real Estate Crowdfunding account

Reinvest 24 works with the British bank Payrnet Ltd, a wholly owned fintech branch of the renowned Railsbank. To recharge our account or make the first deposit we will need to make a transfer to the account number indicated with the concept indicated on the website, and in a maximum couple of days we will have the money available to invest within the platform.

Reinvest24 Referral Code

At this time Reinvest24 does not offer any welcome promotions or bonuses to existing investors. In case there is an active promotional campaign, we will make sure to update this section so that you can take advantage of all the benefits and increase your profitability.

Reinvest24 Spain – Office and Branch

Reinvest 24 spain

Since the beginning of 2021, Reinvest24 has had a brand new branch in Valencia headed by the pair of cracks Miguel Villena and Maxim Echani, from which they manage the Spanish projects of the platform and investigate new opportunities.

How Reinvest24 P2P Works, Fees

Like the vast majority of real estate crowdfunding platforms, Reinvest24 does have commissions, among which we have to mention the following:

✦ 1% commission on the acquisition of shares in a property (to cover purchase costs of that property)

✦ Commission of up to 10% of the rental income of the properties to cover current expenses of the property.

In any case, Reinvest24 does NOT have commissions for deposits nor for maintenance of the investment account or the asset portfolio. However, it does have a withdrawal fee of 2 fixed euros.

How to Invest in Reinvest24 in 2024

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In the PROPERTIES section of Reinvest 24 we can see at all times the catalog of properties in which we can invest, in which we can participate from 100 euros. At the moment, all investments are made manually in the primary market, with a secondary market available to exchange shares with other users.

Manual Investment Reinvest24 Analysis – Most Relevant Parameters

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The objective of is the acquisition of real estate for long-term exploitation, obtaining monthly dividends with the rental of the same , and ultimately a capital gain at the time of sale.

We observe in the detail file that -following the philosophy discussed in the previous paragraph- the main magnitudes of the loan are oriented to that profitability from rental dividends, as we will see below. Normally, a duration of the operation is NOT indicated because the objective is to preserve that property in the long term (remember that at any time we will be able to sell our shares in the secondary market).

1 – Net Rental Yield (%) 

Undoubtedly the most important parameter: it gives us an idea of ​​the annual net interest that the rental of this specific property will generate. This figure does NOT include the profitability that we will also obtain as the property revalues ​​over time … The total net profitability – taking into account rental dividends AND purchase and sale profit – will foreseeably be significantly higher than the Net Rental Yield.

2 – Gross Rental Yield (%) – Gross Rental Yield

It is NOT a parameter that we must pay too much attention to, since it is a percentage that does NOT interest us as investors: it is the gross return that the rental of this particular property gives before operating expenses, etc. (If we discount the expenses, we will have the net profitability, which is the previous parameter, the one that really matters).

Reinvest24 How Autoinvest (Automatic Investment) Works – Step-by-Step Tutorial and Configuration

Reinvest 24 does NOT have Automatic Investment, and due to the volume of projects presented on this platform, their inclusion in the short term is not necessary either.

Reinvest24 Secondary Market and Liquidity

In November Reinvest24 launched an early exit option – secondary market. The secondary market is a tool that allows investors to sell their property claim units (of the property invested) and exit this property before it’s official exit or loan maturity. More detailed information on how it works is available in this guide.

As per the concept of Reinvest24 secondary market, it is more advanced, compared to the rest currently available in the industry. The main advantage of it is that sell orders can be bought partially. It means that your investment can be bought by 100 different users, 1 EUR from each, which also provides an opportunity to reinvest your monthly rental/interest payouts. The fee is only for the buyer and it is the same as on the primary market.

Reinvest24 Buyback Buyback Guarantee

Like almost all real estate crowdfunding companies, the operations published in Reinvest24 do NOT have a Buyback or Buyback Guarantee.

It should be remembered that in this type of investment there is always the property acquired as collateral or guarantee, which is generally considered a lower risk than personal (P2P) or business (P2B) loans.

Loan Originators – Reinvest24 Crowfunding

Reinvest is NOT a loan marketplace, so there are NO Originators or third-party companies on which one or other guarantees depend. All acquisitions and property management are carried out by Reinvest24 through SPV (Special Purpose Vehicles: Companies that are created exclusively for the acquisition and management of a property).

Is Reinvest24 OÜ safe? Risks and Regulation

reinvest24 company registration

Reinvest24 OÜ is a company registered in Estonia in December 2017 with number 14383364 which is subject to both Estonian and European laws.

Reinvest24 Annual Profitability

Reinvest24 has a historical net annual return of 14.6% taking into account both rental income and the revaluation of real estate assets.

Its real estate projects have very high rental returns -typically 8% or more- so in principle it seems feasible that the figures provided by the platform can be achieved in the long term with a well-diversified portfolio of assets.

Reinvest P2P Lending – Contact Information and Customer Service

reinvest24 phone

Reinvest24 has its offices in the Estonian capital, Tallinn, and offers us an exclusive investor service telephone number which is +3725243358. In addition, we can contact your management team via email at

Based on our experience on the platform, Reinvest24 has a good Customer Service that will attend to our doubts and incidents quickly and professionally.

The Team behind the Company

Tanel Orro

Reinvest24 has a strong team of professionals who have been in the real estate sector for more than a decade. Specifically, its CEO, Tanel Orro is a veteran of finance from the Estonian bank LHV, with extensive experience in developing successful businesses.

ReInvest24 Opinion 2024 – Final Conclusion

ReInvest24 is a real estate crowdfunding platform that is called upon to fill a certain gap that currently exists , with the strongest websites in this sector -such as Estateguru- aimed at granting real estate development loans rather than exploitation of the real estate itself.

Although there is still a bit of room for improvement, Reinvest24 points out ways to offer very attractive rental returns and with an interesting approach to building your portfolio of properties to generate long-term monthly passive income.


Reinvest 24 OÜ Advantages – Strengths

➊ Attractive returns in the framework of real estate crowdfunding, with net annualized averages close to 15%

➋ Business model based on the exploitation of properties and the generation of rental income, rather than granting loans to developers, which gives it a further diversification compared to other platforms in the sector.

➌ Good management team with solid experience in the real estate sector and FinTech business development.

Weaknesses and Aspects to improve

➊ It is a relatively new platform that little by little has to build its portfolio of investors and expand the range of projects it publishes.

Reinvest24 Forum

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