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Monestro is a crowdlending marketplace -operating since 2014 and authorized by the FSA with license number 4.1-1/144- which in 2021 has evolved and returned stronger than ever with a new image and, above all, with an interesting investment proposal based on the search for value for the crowdinvestor, with carefully selected Loan Originators and functions aimed at minimizing risk such as the Buyback Obligation and the so-called Voluntary Reserve.

Is it worth considering investing in this new Monestro? Keep reading because we will tell you EVERYTHING right now in this SuperReview 🙂

Crowdlending Marketplace
12 months (from 1 month to several years)
10 euros
Bank Card and Transfer
YES. Full (Capital + Interest), 60 days activation
NO. Planned for the next few months
YES 1% cashback if you register from the links in this page


Monestro Review – Critical Performance Parameters Opinion and Analysis – Hexastar Chart

PROFITABILITY: Monestro presents a wide range of yield in its operations, with a range that goes from 7% to 15% per year with an average that is typically between 10 and 11%, slightly above the current average of the sector.

SECURITY: In addition to the fact that all loans listed in Monestro have a total Buyback Obligation (principal and interest) activated at 60 days, a Skin in the Game of up to 20% is present in all Loan Originators, adjusted to their own financial metrics in accordance with Monestro’s internal evaluation procedures. The Voluntary Reserve mechanism, through which Monestro itself contributes a % of the outstanding loan portfolio to a fund each month, is an extra feature that -although it may not be infallible- does add up and provide greater certainty at the risk management level .

DIVERSIFICATION: Monestro is a Marketplace that integrates different Loan Originators of heterogeneous operations and origin that have passed their Due Diligence,  with previsions of exceeding ten partners by mid-2024, showing a clear potential for intra-platform diversification in the mid-term which can be a very interesting asset in a well-balanced crowdlending portfolio.

LIQUIDITY: The time horizon of the operations listed in Monestro varies in a very wide range, from very short-term operations (less than a month) to very long-term operations (several years). Right now, it penalizes a bit the fact that they still do not have the secondary market in place, but its implementation is imminent -in fact, it is already in the testing phase- so we can expect its entry into operation in the first half of the year.

FUNCTIONALITY: Simple, intuitive and very easy to use website, accessing all the usual functions in a few clicks.

CUSTOMER SERVICE: The level of information available to us on the website stands out, with one of the most complete FAQs in the sector and detailed information about Originators, procedures, etc. All our questions have been treated with the utmost professionalism in a relatively short period of time.

monestro scam or is it safe

Is Monestro reliable, is it safe? – Due Diligence Findings

*Monestro P2P OÜ is an Estonian company with address Harju maakond, Tallinn, Kesklinna linnaosa, Tartu mnt 83, 10115, registration number 12651582 and registration date April 2014.

*It has a share capital of more than 250,000 euros, much higher than the vast majority of competitors in the sector.

*The platform is licensed (authorized and regulated) by the Estonian FSA with number 4.1-1/144 since 2016 as a credit intermediary.

*Since August 2019 Monestro belongs to PlusPlus Capital Group, a financial services company that focuses on the purchase, restructuring and management of portfolios in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The company was founded in 2010. As of mid-2018, PlusPlus already employed 45 professionals at the Tallinn head office and fully functional branches in Riga and Vilnius.

*Johan Orsingher is the current CEO of Monestro, with extensive experience and training in the field of finance, having held positions of high responsibility in both financial and aeronautical industries.

*Monestro currently has 5 Loan Originators, with a forecast of exceeding ten Originators on the platform in a few months . The company has a solid quantitative evaluation and monitoring procedure for its originators, including financial parameters, loan portfolio and management team evaulations, among others.

Monestro – Final Verdict

The new Monestro is a crowdlending marketplace that probably has the foundations and resources to become a benchmark in the sector in the medium term. Beyond its initial offer of loans, its current license, its investment proposal and its above-average functionality, it stands out above all for the detail of its screening, selection and monitoring procedures for Originators and the abundant information present in its platform, which undoubtedly points to a methodology and a series of good practices that are unusual in recently (re)launched platforms. Undoubtedly an interesting platform to follow -and participate in it if we wish-.

Monestro Advantages – Strong Points

1 – Excellent selection process for Partners / Originators, with detailed reports on them, a sufficient initial offer (5) and half a dozen more that will join in the coming months.

2 – Total Buyback Obligation (principal and interest) activated at 60 days for all listed loans, complemented by a Skin in the Game greater than the average of other marketplaces and a Voluntary Reserve that could be helpful in case of Originators failure.

3 – Interesting baseline investment parameters, with returns slightly above average and ample availability of short and very short-term operations.

4 – Solid group behind the platform such as PlusPlus Capital, with extensive experience in the sector and sufficient resources for its proper management.

5 – Pre-existing regulation by the FSA, the competent entity in Estonia, in the absence of the entry of the new regulation at European level.

Weaknesses and aspects to improve – Opinions

1 – Pending implementation of the secondary market to improve the liquidity of our investments (expected in the coming months, currently in the testing phase).

2 – Monestro, in its new era, is still a relatively recently created platform, without a sufficiently broad track record to 100% assess its long-term performance.

Monestro Forum

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