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Livonia is an interesting investment proposal that brings together forestry projects, real estate projects and even a high-yield account in the purest Bondora or Monefit style combined on the same platform, all led by a company that has been in the market for more than 30 years…

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P2B + Real Estate + HY Account
1991 as a Company, 2023 as a P2P Platform
50 euros (10 euros HY Account)
Wire transfer

ATTENTION: Register from our exclusive link and get a QUADRUPLE WELCOME BONUS if you register in Livonia, what are you waiting for?

1 – +1.5% additional interest for all published projects during the first 60 days after registration.

2 – 30 euros cash bonus if you invest at least 300 euros in the first 60 days.

3 – 1.5% instant cashback (paid the same day) for all projects in which you invest.

4 – 10 euros to try Terra Livonia for free (withdrawable in one month) if you invest at least 50 euros in a project.

Livonia Review – Critical Performance Parameters Opinion and Analysis – Hexastar Chart

RETURN: With an attractive average base annual return of around 13.5% and with unique features such as the generation of interest from the first day of our investment and exclusive bonus programs such as its loyalty bonus, referral bonus or welcome bonus, without a doubt Livonia is committed to performance as one of its first early pillars to engage and retain its users.

RISK: In Livonia, ALL operations have collateral, whether it is a mortgaged property or other assets such as heavy machinery, group guarantee, etc. In the details of the project we can check the characteristics of the assets that back each specific loan. In addition, in some cases the operations also present Buyback.

DIVERSIFICATION: With 3 different investment avenues to explore, including forestry and environmental projects, real estate investment projects and high-yield account (Terra Livonia) and with a low minimum investment of only 50 euros per operation (10 euros in the case of Terra Livonia ), diversification is indeed one of the most notable aspects of the platform even in its initial stage.

LIQUIDITY: Despite not yet having a secondary market (currently under development, implementation planned in the coming months), Livonia presents a reasonable mix of medium-term operations and highly liquid investments, such as its Terra Livonia account.

FUNCTIONALITY: Despite being a platform that still has room for optimization, the truth is that Livonia presents a clear and clean interface with the main reporting and investment functions within the reach of a few clicks.

CUSTOMER SERVICE:  Being Livonia a project led and supervised directly by its founder and CEO, his involvement and seal of quality is evident in all the functions of the platform, including customer service, which is always attentive and professional.

livonia cnmvIs Livonia Trustworthy or Not – Due Diligence Findings – Is it safe?

* is the website of the company Veselavas pagansta zemnieku saimnieciba Kazeri, with registration number 49501000919, and offices in Riga, Lacplesa street 61, LV-1011, Latvia

* The company has been registered and active since 1991, fundamentally linked to the forestry sector and does not have pending cases in the registry according to the information extracted from the database at the time of writing this review.

livoniap2p reviews

*The head and CEO of LivoniaP2P is Didzis Pogulis,  owner of the company for at least 8 years, with extensive experience in the sector, as we can confirm in his LinkedIN profile.

* With the information collected, there is no reason to think that Livonia is a scam.

Livonia Tutorial – How to Get Started Step by Step

livonia p2p kyc

The onboarding / KYC process of the Livonia P2P platform is very similar to others that we are used to on other modern fintech and crowdlending platforms. It is a quick and simple process and we will basically have to follow these simple steps:

  1. Register by clicking on the REGISTER button and fill out the simple initial form that we will find (NOTE: If you register from our links, make sure that the Referral Merchant ID field is pre-filled with our exclusive code wnqYOF to benefit from the welcome bonuses !)
  2. Confirm the email that we will receive in our inbox by clicking on it.
  3. Complete the KYC process, similar to other platforms, first filling out our personal information, then providing a copy of our documents and finally providing a selfie.
  4. Wait for the validation of our data by the platform administrators.
  5. Make the first deposit of funds via bank transfer with the information that will be provided in your Livonia profile section.

How to Invest in Livonia – Available Options

In the INVEST tab of Livonia we will find 2 basic options to channel the funds deposited on the platform: Terra Livonia and Projects.

Terra Livonia is the high liquidity side of the platform: a kind of investment account in the style of Bondora Go&Grow, Monefit Smartsaver, etc. with returns ranging from 9% to 12% annually -depending on the amount invested-, no commissions, daily interest payments and quick capital withdrawals in 2 business days. We can invest in Terra Livonia from just 10 euros.

Projects is the most conventional aspect of the platform, with investments in manual mode from 50 euros per operation in different projects of broad themes, from forestry and renewable operations to real estate investment, all of them channeled through the group’s originators.

Although it is not currently available, in the near future there will be the option to use Autoinvest and Secondary Market

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Livonia P2P Crowdfunding Review – Opinion

Livonia is a unique proposal within the competitive crowd investment business that combines on its platform classic business loans with real estate projects and even a high-yield account in the purest style of Bondora Go&Grow and the like. Led by a company with more than 30 years in the business and a CEO committed to excellence and the development of this P2P proposal, it can undoubtedly be an interesting option to consider despite the fact that there may be some flaws to polish in its initial implementation.

Livonia Advantages – Strong Points

1) 3-in-1 solution that brings together business loans, real estate loans and high-yield, high-liquidity investments in a single platform.

2) Interesting returns above the market average at the moment.

3) All projects have collateral and real assets as guarantee, be it a property, heavy machinery or similar.

4) Strong leadership and involvement at CEO level operating a company that has been active for more than 30 years with a long history to date.

Weaknesses and Aspects to take into account

1) Despite its extensive business history, the medium-long term performance in its new stage as a P2P platform remains to be confirmed.

2) We miss the secondary market to provide more liquidity to our investments in projects, although this function is already in the development phase.

Livonia Forum

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