5 Great Reasons to Choose LIMEDOT (which you probably didn’t know) 😉

Yes, we get you, at some point it happens to all of us: you already have a bunch of platforms in your crowdlending portfolio and when you start to think about which one should be the next one to add to your collection, you simply get stuck… There are so many options available that it is very difficult to decide on one or the other… Especially when they all offer practically the same thing… That happens, of course, until you find something unique, something special, which for one reason or another shines above the competition…

…And precisely for that reason, today we are going to talk to you about one of these unique, valuable and differential platforms… Specifically we are going to talk about limedot.eu and 5 reasons why we should probably consider including it in our portfolio (and that very possibly you didn’t know until now).

First Reason – Chào mừng bạn đến với Việt Nam (or… Welcome to Vietnam, crowdlender!)

Limedot stands out, as we will see in this article, for several reasons, but one of them is undoubtedly its focus on the Asian loan market and more specifically in Vietnam… and yes… at this point you may be wondering… and why am I going to be interested in investing in Vietnam?

Well, you should know that – according to the Merchant Machine 2021 Report – the consumer lending sector in Vietnam has a very promising future due to the country’s rapid economic acceleration, increasing per capita income and exponential growth of the middle class that have all created an increase in the demand for credit and consumer loans.

Thanks to Limedot you will be able to invest in this vibrant Vietnamese sector through the Originator Alocash Company Ltd, operator of the Alocash.vn website and to obtain an attractive annual return above the market average.

Second Reason – Tranquility and Aligned Interests (this is, Buyback and Skin in the Game)

You and I know that profitability is NOT the only thing that matters when choosing a platform: investors want tranquility, peace of mind. At Limedot, Originators are contractually obligated to have a minimum of 10% Skin in the Game in each published loan, thus ensuring that their interests and ours coincide to ensure that our investments get a successful conclusion and we obtain the agreed profitability.

In addition, all loans have a total 60-day Buyback Obligation, with which the Originator will return the invested capital and the accrued interest in the event that the borrower is late in their payments for more than 60 days.

Third Reason – Keep it Simple!, Accessibility and that Core of Functions that we love so much 😊

Limedot is undoubtedly a different and innovative company… but what really matters is that it inherits the best of the “classic” platforms we are used to: a simple autoinvest function, a secondary market to provide liquidity to our investments or the convenience of being able to invest from just 10 euros… While other platforms take months and months to evolve their platform and provide the users with this core of functionality, at Limedot we have it from the first minute we sign up as users …We will certainly feel at home here!

Fourth Reason – A Return worthy of a Market Leader

If you think that diversification, convenience and reliability are Limedot’s only assets to conquer our wallets, well, sorry but you are wrong!… The platform currently offers 13% annual net return in its operations – clearly above the average market-… But there is even more!: Limedot introduces the concept of “maturity rate” or interest rate at the end of the loan life, that rewards investors who keep the loan at maturity with an additional annual percentage. In practice, this means that we can achieve average annual returns of up to 15% per year, which makes Limedot without a doubt one of the TOP platforms on the market at the moment.

Fifth Reason – In Good Hands, Expert Management Team

The best vehicle in the world is little more than a useless piece of junk without a driver who knows how to drive it, manage it and get the best out of it… Exactly the same thing happens with crowdlending platforms, but the good thing here is that we have two great managers at the wheel: CEO Marek Krakops, a successful, results-oriented CEO with more than 15 years of experience leading financial technology companies and Martins Baude, Platform Lead, an experienced finance professional with 14 years of experience in Scandinavian banking.


And, well… what do you think, crowdlenders? If you think like us that it may be worth taking a good look at Limedot, take the opportunity now to sign up from our exclusive link and invest in the platform’s opportunities with a bonus of 2% upon completion of the operation (Maturity Rate)… Let’s go!


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