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limedot opinions

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Limedot Review – Critical Performance Parameters Opinion & Analysis – Hexastar Chart

TRUST: All operations in Limedot have a full Buyback (principal and accrued interest) 60 days after non-payment of the operations. In addition, in all the listed loans there is a high percentage of Skin in the Game, through which the Originator itself keeps a part of each published loan, aligning its interests with our own. Additionally, each of the operations can present additional guarantees such as collateral, etc. that we can check in the details of each operation.

LIQUIDITY: Even though the average investment term of some operations may exceed the threshold of what we can consider “short term” in Limedot, the fact that it will have a secondary market almost from the beginning (the function is developed and the implementation will be executed in the coming weeks) considerably improves the rating in this particular aspect.

DIVERSIFICATION: With a platform so oriented from the outset to the Asian market -and specifically- to the lucrative market of Vietnamese micro-loans through the Alocash Originator, Limedot offers a unique investment alternative that we can rarely find in other marketplaces. In addition, the fact that the minimum investment is only 10 euros per operation allows for optimal intra-platform diversification even with relatively little capital. Besides, the upcoming addition of new Originators in the short-medium term is will further widen the range of possibilities of this platform.

FUNCTIONALITY: Autoinvest, manual investment, secondary market, “0” commissions, a clean and easy-to-use interface… The truth is that it is pleasantly surprising that Limedot starts with all the essential core functions and features that many other platforms take months to do – or years- to implement.

SUPPORT:  The commitment and quality of customer service are always hallmarks of a good crowdlending platforM, and in the case of Limedot, the background and experience of its management team and their focus on the users/investors satisfaction is a sure recipe in these regards.

limedot scam or is it safe

Is Limedot Safe or Not – Due Diligence Findings

* is a website owned by the company Limedot Limited, with registration number 722056 and registered office at 6 Fern Road, Sandyford, Dublin, Ireland D18 FP98.

*Limedot acts as commercial agent of the Originator ALOCASH COMPANY LIMITED , with registration number 0317652928 and registered office at D3.10 Lot M7, Street No.16, Zone A, New Urban South City, Tan Phu ward, district 7, Ho Chi Minh city, vietnam.

*As top manager and CEO of Limedot is Marek Krakops with extensive background and experience in the financial field, including positions directly related to the lending business such as CEO of VIASMS sro. In Martins Baude acts as Platform Lead, also with an extensive background in the world of finance.

Limedot CEO Mareks Krakops

* With the information collected, there is no reason to think that is a unlawful business or a scam. On the contrary, the quality of both the site and the management team point towards a very promising P2P lending platform.

Limedot Tutorial – How to Get Started Step by Step

limedot account

Limedot follows a fairly standard process compared to other crowdlending platforms when it comes to creating an account and starting to invest. It is a quick and simple process and basically we must follow the following steps:

  1. Register by clicking on the SIGN UP button and fill out the simple initial form.
  2. Confirm the email that we will receive in our inbox by clicking on the provided link.
  3. Complete the KYC process, similar to that of other platforms in which we will be asked to have our ID or passport at hand, take a selfie, etc.
  4. Wait for the validation of our data (in our experience this step is practically instantaneous, in a few minutes we will be able to access all the functions of the platform).
  5. Make the first deposit of funds via bank transfer with the data provided in our Limedot account.

How to Invest in Limedot – Options and Alternatives

At Limedot we can manually invest from 10 euros per operation in loans that are listed in the primary or secondary market-when applicable-.

In addition, we have the option of configuring a simple and at the same time powerful Autoinvest through the AUTO-INVEST function, shown below, through which we will be able to adjust parameters such as Interest, Term or the amount per loan to create a personalized strategy according to our own investment style.

limedot strategies

Opinion Limedot P2P Crowdfunding Review

Limedot is a refreshing new entry into the crowd investment arena, with an expert management team and its unique identity keys such as its focus on the Asian market and above-average returns with differential mechanisms like the Maturity Rate bonus, which can really boost returns in the long term. Although its long-term performance remains to be tested, it does seem that it could be an interesting proposal for effectively geodiversifying our portfolio.

Limedot Advantages and Strengths

1) Very attractive returns, above the market average in loans with full Buyback (principal and accrued interest) activated at 60 days in non-performning operations.

2) Focus on the Asian market, an unusual niche in other available platforms, which allows us to access this pool of potential performance and diversification in our P2P portfolio.

3) Solid management team behind the platform with proven experience in the business that gives Limedot a great starting point to develop the platform.

Weaknesses and Aspects to take into account

1) Despite its good foundation and starting point, we must not forget that it is a platform of relatively recent creation, with the performance of its operations pending to be assessed in the medium and long term.

Limedot Forum

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