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Real Estate Crowdfunding (Land)
12 months
10 euros
Wire transfer


Landex Review – Critical Performance Parameters Opinion and Analysis – Hexastar Chart

PROFITABILITY: presents average annualized net returns of around 10%, which is approximately the average for the crowd sector. On the platform we will find both capital appreciation (revaluation of the land) and periodic dividends (income derived from the exploitation of the land) depending on the case.

SECURITY: At Landex we acquire fractions of loans that replicate the ownership of a specific piece of land with its corresponding cadastral reference that has been previously screened and selected by the professionals of the platform. Landex falls under secured crowdlending -that is, crowdlending with mortgage guarantees-, in this case the land being the real estate provided as collateral.

DIVERSIFICATION: Landex is the first and -until now- the only European platform focused on investing in plots of land. It in itself has an interesting intrinsic diversification with several active projects at all times and a large secondary market with which to expand our portfolio. In addition, the extrinsic diversification that it brings to our portfolio with the focus on this new class of assets is undoubtedly a strong point and a factor to take into account when deciding whether or not to enter the platform.

LIQUIDITY: From the outset, Landex has a very active secondary market that provides liquidity to investments -the land- that have per se 3 possibilities of exit or end of investment: 1) the acceptance of a purchase offer above the value of the land market approved by 80% of its investors / 2) The re-listing of the property automatically in the primary market every 12 months or 3) the sale at any time in the secondary market.

FUNCTIONALITY: Landex presents very low investment minimums and secondary market functionalities from minute 1 -something unusual-, with a very neat and easy-to-use interface.

CUSTOMER SERVICE: In all our interactions with the page team, our queries have been dealt with professionally and quickly, up to expectations.

Is Landex Reliable or Not – Due Diligence Findings

* is a website belonging to the company Land Exchange OÜ, based in Estonia and registration number 16203774

* The platform was formally established in April 2021 with a capital of 10,000 euros. Above the usual minimum of 2,500 euros in recently created crowd platforms.

*The economic activity that appears in your registry is that of Trusts, funds and similar financial entities (64301). It is currently in the process of obtaining a license within the framework of the new regulation at European level.

*There is no record in the registry that Landex has tax debts or open processes of any kind.

*The platform participates in external promotion networks and the commissions it offers are in line with the sector.

*The Landex Management Team is mostly based in Estonia, which is consistent with its legal address and registered office.

*Kamel Belkadhi (CEO and Co-founder) and Aurelien Fauconnier (CMO and COO) are the two main members of the management team. Two young talents with limited experience, yes, in the operational field of the platform. However, the company has advisors of the stature of Marek Pärtel (Estateguru) or Claus Lehmann (reputed German blogger of the crowd sector).

Landex scam or reliable

Opinion Landex P2P Crowdfunding Review is a novel idea with a lot of potential that tries to bring us closer to investing in land, a real estate asset practically ignored by most leaders in the sector but that can present truly interesting returns and stability. The platform has a secondary market to start with, something to be very grateful for, a very accessible minimum investment and all the ingredients that can make it a winning bet, and although it is true that its long-term performance and its adaptation to the new European crowd regulatory framework, it is no less true that a good handful of heavyweights in the sector support this project.

Landex Advantages – Strong Points

1) First European crowd platform focused on investment in land, with the diversifying potential that it can contribute to our global portfolio.

2) Wide variety of types of land present on the platform, with relatively attractive baseline investment parameters (price per hectare and estimated yield).

2) Platform designed for the investor from the first moment, with very low investment minimums, a very active secondary market, several exit possibilities for our properties, etc.

3) Solid advisory team, which includes renowned professionals in the sector such as Marek Partel, CEO of Estateguru, Claus Lehman, renowned German blogger, and other professionals from Estateguru and Bondora.

Weaknesses and aspects to improve – Opinions Lendex

1) Pending evaluation of the long-term operational performance and management effectiveness of its relatively new Management Team.

2) Pending seeing how the platform adapts to the new regulatory framework for crowdfunding in Europe, for which it is in the process of applying for a license.

Landex Forum

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