KUETZAL Opinions 2019 Review – New Crowdinvesting Platform

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Kuetzal is the new platform of crowdinvesting that arrives just at the end of 2018, following in the footsteps of other successful platforms such as Envestio or Crowdestor, but with unique ingredients such as Kuetzal Care that differentiate it from its competitors and make it an interesting option in itself. alone or as a complement to the previously mentioned platforms.

This, added to the high returns offered in their projects (with returns of up to 21% , and averages of around 16%), undoubtedly make it a worthwhile platform to take a look and examine more thoroughly.

We especially appreciate the involvement of its CEO, Alberts Čevers, who has personally and with all the necessary level of detail answered all the questions from TodoCrowdlending.com to collect all the information published in this review.

Now yes … Do you want to know all the details and our opinions about KUETZAL? … Do not miss our MEGA review below! 🙂

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What is Kuetzal Statistics and Global Data

ketzal that is

Kuetzal is a business crowdlending platform based in Estonia that opens in the European arena of participative loans with a very clear goal : to offer its investors the opportunity to be part of high performance opportunities (with returns of up to 21% with average around 16%) selected after a strict screening process.

Released just at the end of 2018, it is currently in the process of expansion, increasing its portfolio of projects and user investors week after week.

Differential elements such as its Kuetzal Care program -by which the projects covered by this additional guarantee generate interest for investors from the first day and guarantee the financing of these through their own or third-party funds- position it as a platform to take into account when diversifying our high yield investments.

First Steps in Ketzal

kettel registry

Kuetzal has one of the simplest account opening processes that exist. Simply fill out the initial questionnaire, confirm our email address and make the first bank transfer to invest in this platform.

Requirements to create an investor account in Kuetzal

+ Be of legal age (over 18 years).

The registry is open to citizens of ANY nationality.

Steps to Open an Account in Kuetzal Crowdinvesting

➊ Fill in the investor register (initial questionnaire)

➋ Confirm the email by clicking on the message that we will receive from Kuetzal (Attention! If you do not find the email, check the Spam folder of your email).

➌ Make the first deposit of funds by bank transfer to the account number that the platform will provide, indicating the transfer concept indicated.

Deposits. How to add funds to our Kuetzal Crowdlending account

kuetzal deposit

Kuetzal works with two reputable international banks to manage deposits and withdrawals: LHV and SEB: two Estonian banks with a European banking license.

We can recharge our Kuetzal account by making a transfer to any of these two accounts that indicate usfrom a bank account in our name.

Kuetzal Promotional Code (Promo Code)

In these moments Kuetzal does not offer any bonus or promotional code for new users or for existing investors. We will make sure to update this section as soon as there is an offer, promotion or cashback available.

How Kuetzal Works Commissions

Kuetzal is a platform “0” commissions for investors … As all crowdinvesting and crowdlending platforms in general should be!

You will not find in the platform charges for deposits, withdrawals, loan management, maintenance, or anything like that … 🙂

How to Invest in Kuetzal in 2019

At the moment, Kuetzal – like the vast majority of crowdinvesting platforms – only allows us to invest MANUAL on the platform. It does not have Auto-invest, but this is not a problem, because the offer of projects is still not too high and can be managed well manually.

If we go to the INVEST screen we will find a screen similar to this, where we can examine more closely the operations open to investors’ shares.

invest in ketzal

Manual Investment Kuetzal Analysis – Most Important Parameters

From the INVEST tab we have access to a quick look at 5 key parameters that define the investment operations in which we plan to enter:

1 – Interest

The interest rate is the annualized profitability that we investors will get when we participate in a given opportunity, which is one of the most important parameters that define the loans published in Kuetzal.


The usual thing is that the loans are published with a fixed interest rate, which will be paid month after month with the return of capital at the end of the operation. In Kuetzal, annualized interest moves in a band that ranges from 11% to 21%, with averages around 15%


Some opportunities – the least – are presented with a relatively low fixed interest and a noticeably higher expected interest. In these cases, we must interpret that the project has the obligation to pay the fixed interest every month (minimum interest) but depending on parameters linked to the success of the project we will be paid month after month an interest that can reach a maximum of the amount indicated in Expected Interest (maximum interest).

2 – Term 

The term is the number of months until the maturity of the loan and the return of the capital initially invested. The operations in Kuetzal are usually medium to long term, with an average of 26 months, but a mode (more frequent value) of only 12 months.

3 – Goal and Maximum Funding 

This metric tells us how much money the borrower is requesting, and it is broken down into two values: GOAL is the minimum financing objective and MAX is the maximum for which the project will be financed.

It should be noted at this point that -for projects under Kuetzal Care, which we will describe in the next point- it will NOT be necessary for the round to reach the minimum value (GOAL) because Kuetzal itself will cover the remaining capital to reach that value.

4 – Kuetzal Care

Kuetzal Care is one of the Kuetzal differential values ​​with respect to other crowdinvesting platforms. Not all operations are covered by this guarantee, but most are covered (always look at the presence of that shield with a “K” that represents that this particular project is covered with the set of Kuetzal Care functionalities, which we will describe more in detail a little below)

5 – Category

The projects in Kuetzal are classified according to the type of industry with which they are related, so we have TRANSPORT (transport), REAL ESTATE (real estate sector), HEALTH CARE (health and care) and CRYPTO-MINING (cryptocurrencies) among others.

Note that this categorization is merely informative, yet it is good to diversify between different categories and types of projects if possible.

If we click on the INVEST button of one of the published projects, we will go to the details screen of the operation , in which we will find more relevant information, as we see in the example below:

quetzal project

6 – Investment Buy-back 

We will talk more in detail about this useful function in the Buyback and Secondary Market section. In any case, in the detail card of each project you can check if this particular operation has this function or not (in its vast majority it does, but it is better to make sure).

7 – Interest Payment and Return of Capital 

In most operations interest is paid month to month and the capital is returned at the end of the loan, but the conditions could change … In this section we can always check the particular conditions of each loan.

Kuetzal Care What is it?

Kuetzal Care is a package of “premium” guarantees that have the most loans published on this platform.

Loans to Kuetzal Care (note that they have a shield with a printed “K”) have the following advantages for investors:

✰ Interest is received from the first minute in which we invest in the operation (there is no need to wait for the financing round to conclude to collect interest).

✰ Projects with Kuetzal Care are ALWAYS financed: if the contributions of the participating investors do not reach the funding objective (GOAL), Kuetzal will contribute their own or third party funds to complete the operation (also increasing the% of “skin in the game” “And the alignment of interests of Kuetzal with our own).

✰ Investment buyback: Not in all cases, but in the majority (you have to consult the details of the project), investors can sell at any time their shares in a particular investment back to Kuetzal, paying a 10% penalty with respect to the capital to be recovered.

Kuetzal How Autoinvest Works (Automatic Reversal) – Step by Step Tutorial and Configuration

At this time, Kuetzal does NOT have an auto-investing function , and for the time being, with the current volume of operations, we do not consider it essential for an adequate user experience. In the crowdinvesting, in addition, the manual investment is prioritized in such a way that the investor consults all the documentation that he considers pertinent before entering a certain operation.

Kuetzal Secondary Market and Liquidity

Kuetzal does NOT currently have a secondary market, BUT it has a function with which we can obtain liquidity quickly if necessary in most of the operations published on the platform.

This mechanism is called Investment Buy-Back … but it is not a Buyback like the Latvian platforms have us used (that is, it is not a repurchase guarantee that is activated at the time of a loan being delayed), but rather rather it is a guarantee that we can sell our investment when we want back to Kuetzal paying 10% of the amount we want to recover.

ATTENTION, as we explained above, NOT all the projects have this function, and we will have to check the detail sheet of the same to make sure you have it.

Buyback Kuetzal Buyback Guarantee

As we mentioned in the previous point, Kuetzal DOES NOT have a Repurchase Guarantee in the strict sense to which we are accustomed with Mintos and company … but YES has -in the projects indicated with Investment Buy-back with a “Rebuy Commitment” in case we want to sell our shares at any time, although we must remember that is subject to payment of 10% of the money we want to recover.

Originators Kuetzal Crowfunding

Kuetzal is not a marketplace in which different credit institutions publish their loans, and as such does not have originators that we should describe in this section. Both the selection and analysis of the borrowers and the execution of guarantees, if any, are made directly by Kuetzal without the intermediation of third parties.

Kuetzal Crowdlending Cash Withdrawals

At Kuetzal we can request withdrawals from one euro cent and at no cost to the investor. Usually the withdrawals are processed quickly and in one or two days we will have the money back in our bank account

Is Kuetzal OÜ safe? Risks and Regulation

quetzal ou

Kuetzal is a company registered in Estonia with license # 14519131 and registration date July 4, 2018 , subject to both Estonian and European laws.

He is also an active member of the EUROCROWD platform, which brings together the most important European crowdfunding and crowdlending companies , which adds credibility and reliability to the Kuetzal project.

ketzal eurocrowd

As in any other crowdinvesting platform, Kuetzal allows us to participate in high profitability investments, but we have to bear in mind that -as in any investment- there are associated risks. Let’s see some of those that apply to Ketzal, and what the platform does to mitigate them as much as possible:

Risk of lack of liquidity of the invested capital

As in the rest of crowdlending platforms, when we invest in one of Kuetzal’s projects, the usual thing is that our capital is blocked until the end of the term established for the loan, with the payment of interest month after month.

In Kuetzal there is the mechanism that we have mentioned above, Investment Buy-Back that will allow us to recover our invested capital at any time paying 10% of the amount we want to recover.

No doubt this option is more than welcome, but we must bear in mind that not all operations is possible (although in most yes), so we must consult the detail sheet of each project before investing.

Risk of loan default by borrowers

One of the main risks faced by the investor in crowdlending is that the loans in which he invests are not returned in full by the borrower – the person or business that takes the loan.

In Kuetzal, this risk is combated in various ways to minimize the impact that it may have on the performance of our portfolio:

✦ Careful selection of published projects and monitoring by the Kuetzal team of professionals.

✦ Wide range of operations to invest in the marketplace, in such a way that we can diversify our portfolio.

✦ Involvement of Kuetzal’s own funds in the projects in case they do not reach 100% of objective funding (for the projects hosted by Kuetzal Care), which means that the interests of the platform are fully aligned with ours.

✦ Possibility of selling our shares back to Kuetzal at all times paying a 10% penalty of the money to be recovered.

Kuetzal Bankruptcy Risk

Kuetzal takes all kinds of measures to select and publish only those projects that pass strict quality controls, ensuring the proper functioning and sustainable viability of the platform.

In the unlikely event of bankruptcy of the platform, all money not invested in any project of the investors will be returned to their corresponding bank accounts, and the interests and capital of the projects of which we are participants will also be transferred to our accounts as that they are accruing.

Ergonomics Ketzal P2P Web and Reports

Kuetzal presents a simple and modern website, with all the essential information we need to invest and manage our investments without overwhelming us with excess data and unnecessary graphics.

If we carry out the study that we usually carry out about how many clicks are necessary to perform some of the most basic actions in the platform, we obtain the following results:

★ 4 clicks to invest in one of the projects

★ 3 clicks to see the status of one of the projects in which we have invested

★ 3 clicks to withdraw money

Which is within the normal parameters of crowdlending platforms.

It should be noted as a negative point that the page is still NOT translated into Spanish, although its operation is intuitive and similar to other crowdinvesting in which we are accustomed to invest.

Kuetzal Real Annual Return

Kuetzal is a platform of high gross profitability, with peaks above 20%, average in the vicinity of 16% and fashion (most frequent profitability) in the range of 18%.

In the absence of checking the reliability of long-term operations, with a well-diversified loan portfolio, we should obtain net average returns close to 15%

Taxation Kuetzal- Tax Retention 

Kuetzal does NOT practice withholdings on the interest charged on the platform. All our profits will be gross, with what we must declare and pay for our benefits in the Annual Income Tax Return (currently 19% up to 6,000 euros).

In case of doubts, consult a tax advisor.

Kuetzal P2P Lending – Contact Information and Customer Service

kuetzal phone

Kuetzal has its offices in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia , with a telephone number for investors operating from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. during working hours, which is +37259822771.

In addition, we can consult any questions we have in your email: info@kuetzal.com or contact them directly through their social networks, including Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin.

According to our own experience, your customer service is fast and efficient, resolving properly the doubts or incidents raised in a short period of time.

The Team behind the Company

ketzal team

Kuetzal has a solid management team that brings experience in different critical areas for the platform such as the financial world, the Fintech ecosystem, real estate investments and digital communication.

Led by Alberts Cevers, CEO and co-founder of the platform and seconded by Romans Antonovs, Project Manager and Nikita Pavlovskis, Head of Marketing, Kuetzal has the necessary gears to move the machinery of crowdinvesting to full machine.

Is Kuetzal reliable?

Kuetzal is a young company, which begins to be known in these late stages of 2018 and early 2019. There is not yet a large community of crowdlending that is thinking about it, and in this sense at TodoCrowdlending.com we are pioneers in making a broad in-depth review of this platform.

Both the data collected directly from the company and those gathered from third-party opinions coincide in pointing out that Kuetzal is a serious and reliable company, and in our experience as investors in the platform we can confirm that the impressions to date are very good.

Our Personal Investment Strategy in Kuetzal

▷ DIVERSIFICATION ABOVE ALL: Like any good crowdinvesting platform in Kuetzal, emphasis is placed on quality versus quantity: we will not find many projects to invest in, so we will have to diversify our capital and invest little by little in new opportunities that appear to build a long-term diversified portfolio.

Opinion Kuetzal 2019 – Final Conclusion

Kuetzal is a new platform of high profitability crowdinvesting that to be frank points good manners.From the careful selection of projects, to the attractive returns up to 21%, through its exclusive Kuetzal Care program.

It is necessary to prove the performance and reliability of long-term published operations , but the high involvement of Kuetzal -both at the filter and selection level and at the economic level- in the projects undoubtedly reinforces the conviction that the incidents will be the exception and not Rule.

Ideal to try on your own, or as a complement to Envestio and Crowdestor … if you like these platforms you are probably interested in Kuetzal …

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Advantages of Kuetzal OU – Strengths

➊ Very high profitability projects, with annual returns of up to 21%

➋ Kuetzal Care Program, with the active involvement of the platform in the financing of operations and the implicit alignment of interests.

➌ Interest is charged from the same day we invest … we do not have to wait until the financing round is completed!

➍ Possibility of early recovery of the capital invested at any time -about 10% of the amount to be recovered- for the projects under the Investment Buy-Back clause

Weaknesses and Aspects to improve

➊ There is a need to verify the performance of loans and long-term operations. In addition, Kuetzal needs to continue growing and increase its investor base to ensure a healthy development of the platform.

Alternatives to Kuetzal

Kuetzal is included within the platforms of Crowdinvesting; In this sense, there are two clear alternatives in the market with a similar profile and also high profitability, such as Crowdestor and Envestio, both of Estonian origin.

The Kuetzal Care concept and package of premium guarantees is, however, something exclusive inherent to this new platform and that is why we consider it a good candidate to integrate our portfolio by itself or as a complement -more than an alternative- to the ones mentioned above.

Kuetzal Forum

Do you want to have a space to comment and share your doubts and experiences about this Estonian Crowd-investing platform? … Look no further, here below we enable the Kuetzal Forum so you can express yourself and ask freely … Write us your comment! 🙂

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