Envestio Opinions 2019 Review – The Most Profitable P2P Site

envestio scam or safe

Nowadays Envestio is the leading website in terms of annual return in the European crowdlending community and more specifically in the crowdinvesting niche.

Focused on high yield projects in the Energy, Industry and Real Estate fields, Envestio delivers a very easy to use platform with nice functionality and highly profitable operations to obtain up to 22% net annual return.

Interesting, isn’t it?… Let’s have a look at all the details!

Envestio Tutorial – First Steps

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Taking part in Envestio platform is really easy, and the registration is open for most countries in the world. The first step is to fill in the registration form and verify our email address.

After that, we can make our first deposit via bank transfer -a minimum of 100 euro is required for the first deposit- and then before the first withdrawal we will have to upload our ID documents (Passport, etc.).


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Envestio Promo Code

Envestio has one of the best bonuses at the moment among all the peer to peer lending platforms: not only does it give you 5 euros with your first deposit but it pays you 0,5% of ALL your investments during your first 9 months in the platform… Do you want to enjoy this great bonus? you just have to sign up in Envestio using any of the links in this webpage 🙂

How to Invest in Envestio 2019 (Updated!)

Envestio offers manual investing on all its projects starting from just 1 euro!

At the moment, it does not have autoinvestment functions, so all our investments will be done manually: we will select a project from the list of available operations, we will review the documentation and we finally we will specify the amount of euros we want to invest: it can’t be easier!

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Envestio Secondary Market

At the moment Envestio does not offer secondary market, however it is possible to sell back our investments to the platform paying a 5% penalty, which provides us with a mechanism to increase the liquidity of our investments.

Is Envestio Safe?

envestio scam or safe

In spite of being relatively new, Envestio is positioning itself as safe, reliable and professional company, leaving a great impression in most of their users. With a Score of 9 in Trustpilot and without any single bad review so far, there is little doubt about that.

Envestio Opinion 2019 – Conclusion

Nowadays Envestio is one of the P2P platforms with the greatest annual interest return, even close to or above 20%. Of course this is in itself a very good reason to try this platform and include this Estonian company in our portfolio.

On top of that, Envestio also boasts a wide range of extras and great functionality such as investments starting from just 1 euro per operation or the possibility to leave a loan early by selling back to Envestio our shares whenever we want, which dramatically increases the liquidity of our investment.

Benefits – Strong Points

❤ Very high returns, close to or above 20%

❤ Each project has a lots of details and information, which we can inspect before proceeding with the investment

Investments start from just 1 euro … ideal to diversify our portfolio!

❤ Larger volume of projects than other crowdinvesting platforms such as Crowdestor or Kuetzal

❤ Possibility of selling our shares early back to Envestio -paying a 5% penalty-

❤ Great bonuses for registering through alternativeinvestments.club and contributing the first 100 euros, including a bonus of 5 euros and a bonus of 0.5% of what we invest the first 9 months.

Disadvantages – Opportunities for Improvement

– It is relatively new platform, from the end of 2017. Although the performance so far is absolutely great, we need more time to evaluate the long-term performance of the operations.


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BIG BONUS!: Sign Up on Envestio using our exclusive link and you will earn 5 euros on first deposit PLUS 0,5% bonus of all your investments made in the first 270 days (9 months!) paid in your Envestio account!


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