BOLDYIELD Opinions 2020 Review – Quality Maritime and Real Estate Investments

We have been the first to thoroughly test this platform and in this MEGAreview we tell you our impressions and all the information you are looking for … are you ready? 🙂


“ Boldyield is a new proposal of high profitability that separates itself from the classic crowdinvesting platforms from day 1, focusing on operations guaranteed by real assets instead of diffuse buybacks and providing new investment proposals such as maritime assets, all managed by a solid team of proven experience and experience in the sector 
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What is BoldYield Statistics and Global Data

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Boldyield is a new crowdlending platform registered in Estonia and based in Latvia created and led by Edgars Mass – a veteran professional linked to banking and lending that throughout his career has been a key part of other P2P lending projects such as Grupeer- and complemented by a large interdisciplinary team of professionals who accumulate more than 25 years of experience in banking, real estate investments and maritime investments.

First Steps in Bold Yield

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Registration in Boldyield is standard with respect to the rest of European platforms, it will not take us more than a few minutes, and it consists of the following steps:

➊ Fill in the initial investor registration form.

➋ Confirm the email address by clicking on the corresponding email.

➌ Provide proof of identity to carry out the verification (including ID or Passport).

➍ Make the first contribution of funds by bank transfer.

Requirements to create an investor account in Bodyield

+ Be of legal age.

+ Registration is open for European citizens.

Deposits How to add funds to our Bolyield account

Contributions can be made by bank transfer. Specifically, Boldyiedl works with the Latvian bank Baltic International Bank and with the Lithuanian Paysera and, once our identity is verified, they will provide us with an email with the bank details to carry out our first transfer.

Bonus Boldyield Cashback – New Users Bonus

Boldyied currently offers a very attractive promotion for new investors who want to try the platform, consisting of a 0.5 % cashback of ALL investment made during the first 6 months. To access this promotion, you simply have to register from HERE .

How Boldyield Commissions Works

boldyield fees

Boldyield has absolutely NO commission for the investor. It is thus a platform “0.0” commissions as we like on this website 🙂

How to Invest in Boldyield Crowdlending in 2020

In Boldyield we have today simply the MANUAL investment modality from 100 euros per available operation. Given the current volume of projects on the platform we consider the manual approach more than enough for the moment.

In the INVEST tab we have at our disposal a list with the opportunities open to investment at the moment. Next we will take a look at the parameters that define the operations published in your marketplace.

Manual Investment Boldyield P2P Analysis – Most Important Parameters

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➊ Min Amount (Minimum Quantity)

Minimum Euros needed to close the financing round of this project satisfactorily. In the event that the minimum financing is not reached within the indicated period, the funds that we have invested in the project will be returned and will remain as available balance.

➋ Total Amount

Amount to be collected in total for this project. As soon as this threshold is reached, the opportunity will no longer be available to make new investments.

➌ Industry

In Boldyield we will find three main investment industries or families: Real Estate (real estate), Maritime (maritime investment) and Business Loans (business loans). Precisely the inclusion of infrequent investment varieties such as maritime or real estate in Norway make this platform an interesting opportunity to diversify the assets of our portfolio.

➍ Term 

Loan duration in months. In all loans the capital will be returned at the end of it.

5 Yield pa (Annualized profitability)

Annualized yield of loans on the platform. They usually range between 10% and 18% with fashion at 14% – 15%, which is a very attractive profitability compared to the average of the crowdlending sector.

➏ Minimal Investment Amount

Minimum amount of investment in the project. Usually it will be 100 euros per operation.

➐ Interest Frequency

Attentive to this parameter, because not all Boldyield projects accrue interest in the same way: some do them month by month (monthly), others do it quarterly (quarterly) and others at the end of the operation along with the return of capital ( end of term).

➑ Interest Accrued From

Most projects pay interest from the same day we invest (no need to wait at the end of the financing round to start computing interest).

➒ Collateral 

This section describes the assets that are provided as collateral for the loan. In the case of real estate loans, it is usual to present a mortgage guarantee defined by LTV (Loan to value) or in the case of real estate development projects by LTGDV (Loan to Gross Development Value)

➓ Description (More details)

In this section we will find very abundant information about the project, the market, the borrower, the budget breakdown of the operation, etc.

➊➊ Invest Now 

If we decide to participate in the operation, we will press the INVEST NOW button to go to the confirmation screen in which we will enter the amount to be invested accepting the terms and conditions.

Bold-Yield How Autoinvest Works (Automatic Investment) – Step by Step Tutorial and Configuration

At this time, Boldyield still does NOT have an Autoinvest tool, which is not a problem due to the manageable amount of loans published in its marketplace.

Boldyield Secondary Market and Liquidity

The platform does NOT yet have a secondary market, although as stated in point 8 of its Terms and Conditions its implementation is already planned in the future.

Boldyield Buyback Buyback Guarantee

Boldyield is a platform focused on guarantees through tangible and real assets (Collateral), whether they are real estate, ships or other physical assets. In this context, it does not have a Buyback Guarantee, although we must be aware that a good Collateral can often be much better than a diffuse Buyback Guarantee.

Boldyield VIP Investment

bolyield vip program

Another differential feature of Boldyield is its exclusive VIP program for large investors (> 50,000 euros) with exclusive bonuses and advantages. To request it, simply contact the platform at

Boldyield Loan Originators

Boldyield does not work with external originators, but instead puts investors directly in contact with the promoters that lend to the different projects that it publishes in its marketplace.

Boldyield Pay – Cash Withdrawals

Boldyield allows us to withdraw our available balance at any time and from one euro, without charging any type of commission to the investor . Usually withdrawals are processed quickly and in one or two business days we will have the money back in our bank account.

Is Boldyield OÜ safe? Risks and Regulation

boldyield faq

Boldyield is a company registered in Estonia since May 2019 with registration number 14720152 , subject to the commercial laws of Estonia and Europe.

Like the rest of crowdlending platforms, investing in Bodyield operations can be a very profitable activity, but not without risks, some of which we indicate below:

+ Risk of lack of liquidity of our investments

+ Risk of non-payment of loans by borrowers

+ Risk of incorrect valuation of properties and assets offered as collateral

+ Risk of adverse evolution of the real estate market or maritime trade

+ Bankruptcy risk of the platform

Ergonomics Boldyield Web and Reports

The Boyield website is intuitive and simple to use, being suitable for browsing even for the newest in the world of crowdlending.

If we carry out the study of distance in clicks for the most common operations that we usually carry out, we obtain the following results:

★★★ 3 clicks to invest in one of its operations.

★★ 2 clicks to see the status of one of the loans in which we have invested.

★★ 2 clicks to withdraw money.

Which is better than the average of the crowdlending platforms analyzed. Very good!

Bold-Yield Real Expected Annual Yield

✰ Boldyied presents an average gross return of approximately 14 % , with a variable range between 10 and 18% for its operations

✰ It does not present any type of commission for investing users, so no losses are expected in this regard.

✰ It is not expected to reduce long-term defaults (all loans have collateral).

✰ The estimated annual average net profitability, thus is a base 14% less (0)% of losses and commissions = 14% annual net for a well diversified long-term portfolio , which is clearly above the average of Crowdlending evaluated on this website.

Boldyield Taxes – Tax Withholding 

Bodyield does NOT practice any withholding of interest earned on its platform. If in doubt, please consult with a tax advisor.

Boldyield P2P Lending – Contact Information and Customer Service

boldyield contact

Boldyield has its headquarters in Riga and a branch in Tallinn, Estonia. They also have the phone +372 58880852 and the contact email to answer all our queries.

In our experience, the Customer Service is excellent: fast and efficient, professionally answering any questions or queries we may have.

The Team behind the Company

edgars mass boldyield ceo

Led by the CEO and founder, Edgars Mass, veteran manager of the financial and lending sector specifically, the Boldyield team is undoubtedly one of the biggest attractions of the platform , with the experienced investor and entrepreneur Aivars Locmelis as Board Advisor and specialists Arturs Sneiders (Legal) and Viktorija Bondarjonoka (Marketing & Communications), which many of us remember with love from his time at Grupeer.

Is Boldyield CrowdLending reliable? Opinion Forums, Networks, Aggregators …

Being a newly created platform, there are still no significant opinions in the main aggregators. We will update this section when more information is available.

Our Personal Investment Strategy in Boldyield

✰ Diversification is the key: We focus on Boldyield as a crowdinvesting platform based on real assets, of which we are especially interested in its maritime investment aspect and real estate investments in infrequent countries on other platforms, such as Norway.

Boldyield review 2020 – Final conclusion

Boldyield is a new proposal of high profitability that stands out from the first day of the classic crowdinvesting platforms focusing on operations guaranteed by real assets instead of diffuse buybacks and providing new investment proposals such as maritime assets, all managed by a solid team of proven experience and experience in the sector.

Advantages of Boldyield – Strengths

➊ High profitability platform different from other offers available, offering us the possibility to diversify with maritime investments and other infrequent assets.

➋ All loans are offered with some type of real asset as collateral (real estate, ship, etc.)

➌ The platform’s profitability range is clearly above the average of the crowdlending sector today.

➍ Solid management team behind the platform, extensive information available on each project, proactive monitoring of each opportunity and transparent and professional approach to its operations from day 1.

Weaknesses and aspects to improve

➊ Boldyield is a young company that is increasing its client and investor base. The performance of its long-term operations remains to be verified.

➋ There is a lack of a secondary market and a greater volume of projects available for investment – although we must be aware that it is a newly created platform.

Alternatives to Boldyield Review

Boldyield competes with crowdlending platforms oriented to P2B loans such as Grupeer as well as crowdinvesting or high profitability platforms such as Envestio, but provides as differential elements maritime investments and the coverage of all its loans with physical assets, which may well win a hole in a broadly diversified portfolio.

Boldyield Forum

Do you want to have a space to comment and share your doubts and experiences about this Estonian crowdlending platform?… Look no further! Here below we enable the Boldyield Forum so you can express yourself and ask freely… Write us your comment! 🙂

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