AGRIKAAB Opinions 2020 Review – Invest in Camel Farms and Crowdfarming

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Agrikaab is an amazing company of crowdinvesting – or more precisely, crowdfarming – of African origin (Kenya and Somalia) that allows us to invest in agricultural and livestock projects in these countries (from participating in the profits of a camel farm to contributing to the construction of a pond to irrigate adjacent crops) obtaining attractive profitability in return (20% annual target return in most projects) and contributing to the development of the local economy in these countries.

Do you want to know more details about Agrikaab? …  Stay because here we tell you about our experience as investors and why we are enjoying this original African investment platform where we can obtain passive income from the milk of our own camels and the water in our rainwater collection pools 🙂

“Although not risk-free, the investment in Agrikaab can be an exciting journey towards diversification, profitability and the development of the economy of countries needed for the most adventurous investors…”
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What is Agrikaab – Statistics and Global Data

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Agrikaab is a Kenyan / Somalian crowdfunding platform founded in 2016 and legally registered in the countries in which it operates that gives us the opportunity to invest in agricultural and livestock projects directly managed by the company . Throughout its 3 years of life, it has successfully financed more than a dozen projects and has achieved the trust of investors from at least fifty countries.

First Steps in Agrikab

The process of registration in Agrikaab is extremely simple, since it is only necessary to fill out a basic initial questionnaire to start investing (later, before you can withdraw funds we must also provide proof of identity).

Requirements to create an investor account

Registration is open for adults of any nationality without exception.

Deposits How to add funds to our Agrikaab Crowdfunding account

One of the greatest advantages of Agrikaab is that we can provide funds through a wide variety of ways that include:

*Wire transfer

*Credit card

* Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and Bitcoin Cash among others).

Agrikaab Promo Code – New Users Bonus

At this time there is no Promotional Code available for Agrikaab, in case there is a discount or bonus available for new users, we will make sure to update this section.

How Agrikaab Works – Commissions

Agrikaab (formerly known as is a “0.0” platform, with absolutely NO commission for the investor, as we like and as it should be on ALL platforms 🙂

How to Invest in Agrikaab in 2020

In Agrikaab we can manually invest in projects from $ 150 per operation depending on the case. We will find different types of operations, among others we highlight:

agrikaab operations

➊ Greenhouse Farms (Greenhouses)

Projects oriented to the production of fruits and vegetables in which we will take a percentage of food sales on a regular basis.

➋ Livestock Farms (Livestock Farms)

Usually camels and camels. We will have the possibility of buying a camel for about a thousand dollars or livestock shares for which we will obtain a percentage of milk sales that occur.

➌ Farm Ponds (Rainwater Collection Ponds)

Sensitive to the seasonality of rainfall in Somalia, the water collected in these ponds is subsequently sold for irrigation and other purposes, taking a percentage of sales.

➍ Agrikaab Stores (Supply Stores)

We will finance stores to sell agricultural supplies and other basic necessities, receiving a percentage of sales obtained

Next, we will describe each of the main parameters that define the operations.

Manual Investment Agrikaab Analysis – Most Important Parameters


By clicking on the file of each project, we will have at your disposal very detailed information about it, including the minimum investment and the expected annual return . In addition, if we continue reading, we will have access to an investment simulator and a complete risk analysis, as well as a specific FAQ of the project and all the information we can imagine about the breeding of camels in this case.

Agri kaab How Autoinvest Works – Step by Step Tutorial and Configuration

Agrikaab does NOT have an Autoinvesting function at the moment.

Agrikaab Secondary Market and Liquidity

Agrikaab does not have a secondary market or any alternative liquidity mechanism at the moment.Normally the projects conclude after 2 – 3 years when an objective of return of capital invested + 60% is reached. Consult the details in each project.

Agrikaab Buyback Repurchase Guarantee

Some projects, such as camel farms, allow for the early exit of the camel every year, with a guaranteed buyback price of the camel. Consult details of each project. Even so, it is not a Buyback in the style we are used to in Mintos and company.

Taxation Agrikaab – Tax Retention

Agrikaab DOES NOT practice any retention of the interests obtained in its platform. It is our responsibility to declare them in the IRPF / Annual Income Tax Return. Remember that the interests of crowdlending are taxed as return on movable capital. In case of doubts, please consult with a tax advisor.

Agrikaab Crowdinvesting – Contact Information and Customer Service

agrikaab phone

Agrikaab, with offices in Kenya and Somalia, offers investors a chat and email, it is also a very active company in the main social networks , including Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc.

In our experience, the Agrikaab Customer Service is fast and very professional, quickly responding to all queries.

The Team behind the Company

mohamed jimale agrikaab

The Agrikaab team is led by its founder and CEO, Mohamed Jimale, a career computer scientist and nomad Somali from a family dedicated to livestock for several generations who emigrated as a refugee to Sweden in 2010 and after developing several projects and collaborating with the UN he created Ari.Farm (now Agrikaab) in 2016, seeking to mitigate the effects of the terrible drought that devastated Somalia that same year and help the nomads that he knows so well while boosting the economy of the region and generating returns for your investors.

Opinion Agrikaab 2020 – Final Conclusion

“Although not risk-free, the investment in Agrikaab can be an exciting journey towards diversification, profitability and the development of the economy of countries needed for the most adventurous investors…”

Advantages of Agrikaab – Strengths

➊ Very high returns, with an annual target of 20% in most of the projects presented.

➋ Investment with positive impact, which seeks to promote the economy of developing countries.

➌ Exotic platform in terms of diversification, both by type of asset (crowdfarming) and by country (Somalia) and by currency (US dollar).

➍ Great information presented in each project and platform / app very easy to use.

Weaknesses and Aspects to improve

➊ Risk investments due to both the typology of the projects and the geopolitical context. Always read the description of risks in the file of each project.

➋ Platform with registration in Kenya / Somalia, without the European legislative framework to which most investors are accustomed.

Agrikaab Forum

Do you want to have a space to comment and share your doubts and experiences about this African crowd-investing platform? … Look no further, here below we enable the Agrikaab Forum so you can express yourself and ask freely … Write us your comment! 🙂

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